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  1. And Goildzy my OC on the system is 3.95ghz, memory is at 3333mhz and I know I’m under voltage but can’t think of what it’s at off the top of my head. But the system is very stable at those sittings.
  2. Sorry for not replying sooner. Haven’t been on in awhile. So to answer the where and how did I update the bios. I didn’t really update I flashed a new bios or flashed back to the old bios. The card I had was a used card and used for mining and there was a mining bios flashed onto the card which made it crunch the help out of numbers but crap on gaming graphics. So I used a site called Techpowerup to find the right bios and then used ATIFlash to flash the new bios onto the card. Just know that if anything goes wrong when flashing the bios then the card will Brick and be a paperweight. Just a wa
  3. Looking for help here. A few weeks ago I took my gigabytes Aorus RX580 and added a NZXT G12 liquid mount and an AIO to cool the card down. Which worked great (about a 30-40c temp drop) but since then I get random drops in frame rates (90-120fps down to 25-30fps) and only for about 3-5 seconds before jumping back to normal. Sometimes it happens often and within minutes of starting a game and other times it will run for an hour or more without any problems. It happens both OC and on factory sittings and on many titles like GTA5 and Apex’s which I play most often. I have updated to the latest AMD
  4. Also know that the RX GPUs tend to be blast furnaces so air movement is Critical to help keep it cool and not Throttle. So be ready to add a fan or two if need be. But they are cheap for the most part
  5. I would think you are pushing it with only 400w even if it’s consistent wattage. It’s always better to have the extra watts and not use them then to be pushing at or near 100% usage. I would look for a 550-600w to be safe. But which ever PSU you get make sure it’s constant power rating and not peak power rate. And it’s the one piece I would not cheap out on.
  6. I would agree with Alex and get a Ryzen 5 like the 1600. The first gen Ryzen work very well in the B450s. And as cactus pointed out they come with a good stock cooler.
  7. After spending all day benchmarking and stress testing my system both CPU and GPU I can say with confidence that the GPU problem was a bad BIOS. Now I have the GPU OC 800mhz and stable with good air cooling temps. Thanks everyone that pitched in ideals to help get this card fixed!??
  8. Update!!! So this morning I flashed my GPU BIOS to the latest one released that I could find on tech power up for the RX 580 8gb and it seems to have help if not fixed the problems I was having. I have ran a kombustor stress test at default setting for over 20 minutes with NO artifacting, glitching or crashes. Now I will start to play with overclocking but if it can’t I’m still happy the card is able to run stable at stock now.
  9. Some thing that has come to mind is that maybe and most likely this card was used for mining and the last owner could have done a mining bios flash on the card? Anyone think that maybe choking the power and not letting the card run full bore on games and stress test???
  10. I got the Kingston A400 as my boot drive in my desktop and the same one in my wife’s laptop. 480gb for $50
  11. That was my next move. I set the core clock to the RX reference clock of 1340 and put the power limit to -10 and this are much more stable now. And I didn’t buy it knowing the fan was bad. I have to do more testing on it and I have a couple more ideals to try but I’m thinking of making a jump to a brand new in the box unopened Sapphire nitro+ RX 590 in a couple months if I can’t get anywhere with this 580
  12. Well I used DDU and removed all old drivers and reinstalled the latest one and thought for a few minutes I fixed the problem. But at 6:30 minutes of running stress test I had a soft crash. Screen flashed white then back to normal with blue and purple dots all over then back to normal image but needed to restart to get any program to run right. Temp was only at 81c so it didn’t over heat so I don’t know what to think other then a maybe shopping for a new GPU?
  13. Just looking over the driver details the past few have really only been Vega support from what I can tell
  14. I am running 19.4.1 and having the same problem as the .0 but I may go back and try a older driver this weekend for the hell of it and see if that helps. ??