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    I only play CnC General
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    I only play Assasin's creed IV
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    I stop playing HS

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    PC stuff, cheap stuff
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    Know computer before school and spend time with it more than real friends. Party? nah, guild is more important.
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    College Student


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    Ryzen 3600
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk
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    TForce Delta RGB 8x2GB /3200
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    MSI Aero ITX RX560 (from old rig)
    MSI 5700XT Gaming X SOON
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    M.2 WD Blue 250GB
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    Thermaltke Smart PRO RGB 650w
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    AOC I2367F
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    Stock cooler (Wrath Spire)
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    Redragon Aryaman
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    Redragon MEMEanlion
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    Tt esport Level10M Headset
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    Windows10 x64
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  1. I thought it was the problem with the win dow but it happen again after sometimes I spend using Linux Mint too. I'm trying to explain what's happen Back when I use Window 10 it will just goes Blue screen with error KMODE EXCEPTION so I restart and work fine after a while and it happen again with different error about MEM Address or something I think I've picture it but I have to seach my photo archive. But the thing is, it RANDOM if it happen It will happen repeatly untill it just...don't and everytime it happens I notice there's red light on CPU LED on motherboard (B450 Tomahawk)
  2. Not sure it still work now tho... Would be cool to see it in action again
  3. Just to make sure I plan to buy a new Graphic card for my rig I'm going for MSI gaming X model for 13800 THB (around 456.26 USD) but here's some other competitior Gigabyte gaming OC - for about same price Powercolor reddevil - around 30$ more Saphire Pulse - around 30$ more A good decision?
  4. For now just occasional use, like backup phone storage, family photo etc. I think it would take around 2 TB of storage Is new drives and raid card considered necessary? or I should buy them when I'm really going to build a decent one?
  5. Dang that really looks expensive, I do have spare old PC just need another case for it Is it that hard to build a NAS? and do I have to turn it on 24/7 or just when I need to use a file?
  6. My family PC has 2 of 1TB WD blue 7200 RPM and 120GB SSD our home media center PC (formarly my rig) has 2 of 1TB samsung (something I extract it from broke external HDD connector) and a 256 GB NVME SSD WD blue My main rig currently has only 256 GB NVME SSD WD blue I would like to have only a single place to store a file aand can access it from anywhere (I mean in the same network), and I can't seem to make window 10 file sharing work Any advice?
  7. So case first then I plan to get RX5700 so I'm going to save a bit untill then Mid tower case isn't so expensive over here, so I might just get myself a new M.2 SSD before saving up on a new GPU
  8. Now that you mention it I forgot to tell you that.... It's RX560 from AMD
  9. Good thing I don't have sister Sadly I don't have any pets So I presume you mean get a case then It's itx form factor GPU, since ryzen 3600 don't have on board graphic Nah, I really want this motherboard I once build itx rig here just for testing purpose I should mention that this is my new personal rig at home, not for working
  10. Looks like this is bigger than I thought, It previouslly fit mini iTX just fine What should be the next thing I need, a real case or better GPU? Current parts CPU : Ryzen 3600 Cooler : Stock cooler (Wrath Spire) Motherboard : MSI B450 Tomahawk RAM : TForce Delta RGB 8x2GB /3200 GPU : MSI Aero ITX RX560 (from old rig) PSU : TT Smart PRO RGB 650w HDD : some random 500GB 5400rpm from old rig Case : open air i guess?
  11. It was on sale, but I didn't realize it can't use PCI-E gen4 if I'm using anything lower than Ryzen gen 3 To make matter worse this thing doesn't support gen1 and Athlon cpu so I can't slot in cheap CPU before dicide to upgrade later Also, I haven't notice the price drop of B450 in my country. Didn't think the price would remain AFTER the sale season(B450 boards) I still get this cheap but definitely not cheaper than some decent B450 board.
  12. Is there a benefit of getting Ryzen 3600 over 2600? Cause 3600 is a bit overprice here
  13. It's quite old anyway and there's something I want to improve CPU: Inter Core i7 2600k Motherboard: Kinda forgot it's from Gigabyte tho RAM: two stick of 4GB HyperXFury Single channel DDR3 1600 GPU: MSI RX 570 Armor OC 8GB PSU: Leadex Gold 750w < I already replace this cause old one lived longger than warranty Here's some of my concern 1.My brother occationally do video+photo editting. it still works fine, maybe because he never complain 2.It have some stutter when I play Monster Hunter World I don't know why it happen. It works perfectly
  14. I still need a GPU that fits into my case I do have 570 but it won't fit into my case so I don't have to upgrade the ram right? 3000 mhz ram is twice the price of 2400 with same capacity either it's 8 or 16GB
  15. I already build this and i'd like recommendation on upgrade path Actually I didn't plan on the budget but for all of this build is just under 500$ (no used part) in my country <-Aim of this build -> 1 .Small cases so it's goin to be itx-form factor 2. Decent gaming performance just low-medium 1080p is okay for me 3. Heavy task on compressing/decompressing file since i have a lot of data to manage in my house Part list CPU Ryzen 3 1200 <- if I bought the 2200G I shouldn't have waste money on GPU... Motherboard Asrock Fatal1ty gami