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  1. Okay, so i updated to the latest bios as a last ditch attempt, and it finally worked. The reason i didnt try earlier is cos i didnt know if they removed support for older cpus, but it works just fine.
  2. I tried it with ubuntu live usb and it also doesnt work so its defo the mobo. Ill see if msi can help, if not ill have to return it.
  3. How can i be sure its a faulty board though? And not some driver issue? It seems odd that BOTH ethernet ports would be busted, as well my wifi card not working, yet everything else works fine?
  4. No it doesnt work. Also, the port lights on either ethernet port are not active.
  5. There is no realtek network adapter in the device manager, thats the biggest issue. Many of the solutions i find were asking me to do something with it, but its not even there in the first place
  6. I cannot find any deep sleep setting in the bios. I mean a pci wifi card, not built in. Ive tried ethernet, no luck.
  7. While waiting for my 5900x to arrive, i decided to put 2600 into my new b550 tomahawk as i heard it works fine. I know its not offically supported (which may well be the issue) but the cpu works fine, its just i have no internet? Ive tried every solution i can fine, and nothing works. Ive installed thr chipset drives, the lan drivers, i even put my old wifi card in and installed those drivers. Nothing. The only thing that works is usb thethering from my phone, but nothing else. The only adapters that show up when i click show adapter options, is my bluetooth dongle, no
  8. this sounds like a good solution, however, im not familiar with raid. I did a quick search and found this https://pureinfotech.com/setup-raid-5-windows-10/ would this be how I should do it? do I need specific drives, or will regular drives work, as im not sharing files on the network, or leaving my pc running 24/7, and will I lose all the data due to formatting when I do it?
  9. While it wouldnt be the end of the world if i lost it, it would be a nightmare to re rip everything.
  10. I have no more space inside the case, only 3 trays, though theres no reason i couldnt replace one of the two 1tb drives i have. What about redundency?
  11. Like a hard drive dock kind of thing? If thats what u mean i thought about that shortly after posting, but 3.5 inch drives are too big for me to physically store them and 2.5 inch drives are more expensive, but ill see what i can do.
  12. I have an 8tb seagate baracuda at the moment as my main storage drive, its very new so im not concerned about failure anytime soon (fingerd crossed), though it doesnt have any redundency. My need is simply more storage, and i thought of a nas, but they seem very expensive, and building one also seems too expensive for my use case as well. I have about 1.6tb free on that drive, i would like to double total capacity to 16tb, with redundency as well. All i need is more space, i dont need to access my files while out and about. Its mainly movie and tv shows ripped from blur
  13. But with the consoles having ssds, wont that cause game devs to optimize games for them? Causing huge gains in load times?
  14. The next generation of consoles, the ps5 and project scarlett are going to have ssds that are much faster than todays drives, probably pcie gen 4 and potentionally maxing out the x4 bandwith, which i believe sits around the 8 gigabytes a second range. Pcie 4 ssds now are around 5. Will current ssds still be relevant for PCs as it relates to gaming when these consoles are released at the end of 2020? What kind of performance difference will there be? Im probably not going to upgrade my pc as it stands, and build a new one early to mid 2021, but i may salvage some stuff from my current one, name
  15. What settings should i use in geforce experience and davinci resolve to retain quality after uploading to youtube? Should i set gfe to record at 2160p 130mbits to have the highest quality source material before youtube compresses it? If i play at 1440p will recording at this resolution cause problems? Is recording in 1080p 50mbits and rendering at 4k a better option? Or just leaving it at 1440p?