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  1. https://www.megekko.nl/product/4186/1019278/PC-Voedingen-PSU-/be-quiet-Pure-Power-11-400W-CM-PSU-PC-voeding Will go for that one then, quite high rated for a decent price.
  2. Thank you, stopped the fan at start up and there was no sound. Definatly the fan, if fan bearing is indeed that bad as you described i'll definatly return it. Maybe look at 400/500 ones aswell then.
  3. Well regardless of how much watt I need, it's more about the one I currently have and wether I should keep it/ get a new one/ get another one. Just get another one is not really an option if it's not broken, if it is broken it would be fixed by getting a new one. If it's the PSU, and it's nothing out of the ordinary for this specific one then i'm not gonna bother sending it back for a bit of sound.
  4. https://outervision.com/b/wcI5NW & this post on the forums show 450+ with 550 W requirement if you OC.
  5. He helped with the build configuration aswell
  6. 400/500 W isn't enough, 500 is atleast cutting it close. Currently running GTX 2060/ i5-9600k/ 32gb ddr 3000 mhz ram/ samsung 970 & 860 ssd/ msi z 390 mobo. It does sound very simular to an HDD, problem is I dont have an HDD so theres litteraly no way its coming from that XD I did unplug the gpu, and very sure it's coming from the PSU.
  7. 61 euro https://www.megekko.nl/product/4186/968690/PC-Voedingen-PSU-/Gigabyte-GP-B700H-700W-PSU-PC-voeding Might be the PSU, not sure.
  8. Yea got it last friday, its a Gigabyte GP-B700H 700W PSU
  9. right ^^ Gigabyte GP-B700H 700W PSU
  10. Hey everyone, I recently build a new system and the one thing that has been annoying me is the sound the PSU makes, not the sound itself but not knowing wether or not it's a sound that's completely normal or something I should go back to the store with. The sound is always going, and definatly coming from the PSU as the sound will be there without having the GPU connected, regardless of the PC performance the sound is the same, it's coming from the PSU/GPU area hence I also checked without the GPU plugged in. PC is working fine, I just don't know the sound and if it's something that shouldn't
  11. Many errors, running with 1 stick now to see what it shows then
  12. Ye started that a bit ago
  13. After reinstalling windows it gave memory management bsod
  14. Yeah doing that now, almost done but idk should i do more? I d rather do all i can now, before installing stuff again