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  1. I wanna use this monitor as my second monitor any tips on fixing the stand or possibly wall mount.
  2. I wanna know if anyone cleared their pc with one of those steam cleaners.
  3. whats your new monitor if vsync is on turn it off also check your monitors refresh rate (display settings-advanced display settings-display adapter properties-monitor)
  4. still i recommend cheaper gpu when you upgrade your cpu in few years gpu prices will be down also you have to buy new mb with your cpu anyway. reason why im recommending these i used to work at internet cafe a4tnd they upgraded from i5 h gen non unlocked 1060 6gb to 2060 straight away what i noticed was cpu was strugling hard on games like pubg apex in the end they had to upgrade to i5-9th gen to match the gpu.
  5. how about going for cheaper gpus if youre not planning to upgrade your cpu like 1660 super
  6. dont know it helps or not i was having similiar problem with rx480 after turning off freersync it stopped
  7. fixed it turns out my psu's 6 pin connector was broken put a 1050 works completely fine after that changed my psu now it works without problem
  8. when i tries to install it says the nvdia graphic driver is not compatible with this version of windows this graphic driver could not find compatible graphics hardware
  9. its getting display from my gpu but cant install driver tried downloading latest driver but failed to install driver
  10. this screen occurs after windows logo what could be the cause of this tried safe mode no chance changed ram no chance used 1 ram slot no chance also
  11. is it possible my dp cable having problem ?
  12. its rx 580 it happens in all games apex legends dota2 csgo