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  1. I'm looking to get a USB hub to give my B550 Gaming Edge a few more ports. I'm fine on ports now, but plan to grab a VR headset later this year, a potentially a DAC/AMP, not sure yet. Either way, the B550 Gaming Edge has a rear USB C port, as well as one for my p500a case. I was originally looking at USB3 hubs, but given that I have nothing to plug into the rear USB C, I think that makes a lot more sense to use. Devices Logitech C920 Webcam Blue Yeti Microphone Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard (Has USB Passthrough if I use up 2 ports instead of 1) Cakewal
  2. I really want to like the B550 Auros master, as it checks all the boxes, but the reviews slam it, especially on Newegg. Way above average critical failure, complaints about bandwidth pertaining to the m.2 slots, etc. I'm becoming sold on Intel being better than Realtek (still trying to determine if that's isolated to networking vs consumer use), and I'm definitely eying the Taichi, despite price.
  3. The K95 RGB Platinum is an RGB Keyboard from Corsair with USB passthrough. From I've understood, it can be powered by a single USB 3 port (I think), or definitely 2 USB 2.0 ports, only for the passthrough to work. I don't care about the passthrough, and if I did, it's still giving me "another" USB port, so it's all the same (only 1 passthrough, so relocating is all it does). Given continued research, I'm definitely intrigued by the Asus Rog Strix and ASRock Taichi. I read that the Realtek ALC1200, despite naming, is actually closer to the numbered parts far before it, than it is to the Re
  4. All I have for USB is: K95 RGB Platinum (2x USB2, or a single USB3 will do, needs 2x for passthrough which I don't use) C920 Webcam Blue Yeti Mic Cakewalk audio interface (for my synth, I play as a hobby, doesn't NEED to be hooked up always, though a clean setup would be nice for it to stay in) Mouse (highly considering switching to a nice bluetooth mouse) Potentially something for streaming (streamdecks, not sold on them yet, won't use one yet) Fitbit charging (can do this off the top of the case) So really, 4 at the moment, 5 with the int
  5. So if the B550 Tomahawk does check all of those boxes, isn't grabbing a USB hub and a bluetooth adaptor or card, one of those rare "ways around"? Unless there's something bad about the Tomahawk I don't know, all it's missing to my knowledge are a few USB ports and bluetooth, as the M.2 both work, it has 6 layer PCB, great VRM, 2.5 gigabit ethernet, and internal type C for my case. I'm genuinely asking if this IS my best option and solution (without spending $400)? I don't mind spending $70 more, hitting the $250 territory if the board is right, but it seems anything above $180 worth consi
  6. I use Unity for game development, want to game / stream on the highest settings possible, mess with VMs for web development, etc - the CPU is utilized. Nothing about a B550 hinders that CPU in any way, especially if I'm not overclocking like crazy, which I'm not. People also pair very high cards with a lesser CPU all the time, quite regularly actually. That said, I don't see how or why it matters (pertaining to the CPU) the motherboard is $200, there's literally zero argument there, as more expensive motherboards will do nothing for this CPU or overall setup performance-wise.
  7. Probably the most unhelpful response I've received in a solid 10 years, so kudos. The issue is finding a board that has what I want. So many boards are missing just one thing. I'm not super interested in going into X570 territory, due to chipset fan, and not utilizing the extra PCI 4 - I only need B550 worth. What I want, is something around $250, that gives me the tomahawk features, plus 2-4 more USB ports, and maybe the Realtek ALC1220 instead of the 1200. Everything else is rock solid on it, and I don't think 2-4 USB ports is worth an extra $220, but what do I know. The low USB count i
  8. I've been relentlessly researching, reading, watching videos, talking in Discord, etc, and I cannot settle on a motherboard for my brand new build. To start, here is my Treat Yo Self 2020 build - I have already bought everything but the motherboard, CPU and GPU (got sales on some parts, like the 1TB Adata nvme drives for $107 each on prime day). Needs: PCI 4 on GPU and (at least) 1 drive Use both M.2 nvme slots without compromising GPU or drive speeds (disabling a few SATA, PCIEx1, etc, is fine) Solid to great VRM (not doing crazy overclocking, but I like to mai
  9. I've purchased everything for my Treat Yo Self 2020 build, short of the CPU, GPU, and motherboard. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the B550 Tomahawk, but I'm waiting closer to CPU launch to lock it in. On to my actual question: I found a build using my P500a case (non-digital RGB) that I really like the look of, by Summkeo. I have almost no RGB in my build, aside from a touch on the mobo and perhaps GPU, and I want to give it just a touch of RGB. The easiest way to add RGB to my basically black build, using that case, is via RGB fans (expensive, but whatever), and an RGB strip like h
  10. I'm still considering a 2TB variant of that drive, or just buying another down the line. I'm currently making due with 500GB (the other 240GB has Ubuntu installed on it, rarely used), so I believe I can get by just fine with 1TB, for a bit. Long term, it won't cut it, but I plan to pop in a PCI gen 4 drive when those make more sense. Budget is pretty flexiable, and I certainly won't handicap myself with 1TB if I need more, but I'll probably start with just 1.
  11. Budget (including currency): $2000 - $2500 (lower is better, but I'll go up within reason) Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: High end gaming, streaming, Unity game development, web development, lite video editing, lite music production Other details: This machine is a gift to myself, after waiting far, FAR too long to build a new machine. Uses include Unity game development, gaming with no-compromise streaming, lite music production and video editing, and web development. My current machine barely runs Rocket League and Overwatch, unless
  12. When you say "reply on the comment", are you referring to the quote / multi-quote buttons? I did read about the bottom row key situation, but I don't think it'll bother me. Replacements are limited, but do exist, and honestly, I'll probably use this thing for a few years, and if I really like it / see something else I want, I'll know far more going in. I suspect what this comes with / can change, will more than suffice for the foreseeable future.
  13. Didn't realize PC Part Picker had a pricing history chart - I'll definitely be using that from now on. For $20, I'll just buy it now. I guess my final thought - can anyone think of any reason I shouldn't buy this, assuming I'm looking to grab a product along these lines? It'll be my first mechanical keyboard, upgrading from a Logitech G15. Thanks for all the replies, loving how precise / timely this community has been already (just signed up after watching Linus for the last 6 months).
  14. Between the occasional MMO or MOBA, boiler-plate responses, etc, I can see myself using the macro keys. That said - I should probably get the dimensions on the keyboard, and make sure this slide out tray will actually hold it haha. Still interested in the pricing situation - whether $159 is an actual sale on the K95 or not.
  15. So I've been reading up on mechanical keyboards, and have decided that I'm going to treat myself with one. I know these specific models, and reds vs browns have come up a million times across the internet, so I won't start yet another topic about that. My primary question - is the K95 at $159 an actual deal, or has it perpetually been at $159 for some time now? Best Buy had the K70 MK II for $110 yesterday, which was extremely tempting. I'm willing to spend a bit more than I normally would to just get a very nice keyboard and be done with it, because time is money, and I've spent a lot of t