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  1. Just saw this "folding" Laptop Keyboard on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/i6xws8/not_wanting_to_sacrifice_their_beloved_fullsized/?
  2. What steps did you take to try to pass safety net? Did you apply custom props? Wich apps are you talking about? Maybe it has nothing to do with your ROM and the App is just buggy? Also why are you installing apks? Are they not available in the play store? @Syn. makes a good point. What leads you to believe that this is a certification issue? Also, did you clear the cache of both the play store and play services?
  3. granted but its always when WAN-Show is live I wish I had a functioning PC
  4. Banned for mentioning a member Channel of Nebula
  5. Hey guys:) Did they add download support in the floatplane app yet? Ist kinda important for me since I watch a lot of videos on the go and reception in Germany is shit.
  6. Hi. For a few months now I'm watching Shroud's streams when I'm on the train. Now that he's switched to Mixer, I can not find a way to download his streams. Do you know any way to download mixer streams?
  7. I am also disappointed that he abused the copyright system for this. But I think, that you have to differentiate between the person and the player grimmmz. For example the person Micheal Jackson might have done something bad, but that doesn't make his music worse. Just like that, his personal decisions in the past don't make him a worse player. (I'm sorry if my english is not so good. I'm from Germany ? )
  8. I am a very heavy user of Google's services so it would actually make sense for me. Currently I'm on a Galaxy S8 and always get annoyed of Samsung forcing their crappy "Google Alternatives" onto me. I think that Google has the potential to improve on already great phones (Galaxy S/Note 10, iPhone 11/Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro). Combining the great features of those Phones with Google's Know How in Software Development could really end up great one day. Right now the hardware is just to imperfect for the price tag.
  9. Where are you from? In Germany, the Galaxy Tab S4 regularly goes for 300 - 320€.
  10. Didn't work. I'll have to reset the Phone. Thanks to you all.
  11. @huilun02 I uninstalled all games and apps i don't use myself. Now I can only try resetting the damn thing!
  12. as far as I can tell, OxygenOS runs on the device.
  13. It doesn't happen when i'm booted into safemode. So either an App is causing the problem or the OS knows you're in safemode and doesn't show the ad. Also it's always the same ad. Deleting the Google Account of the device and adding a brand new one doesn't work either. I'll try to get screenshots of the ad.