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  1. any ways like editing registries, cant even expand the windows explorer, updated to win11 and its painful lol
  2. if someone watches say 4k videos will gaming lag ? i am upgrading from 20mbps or go for 100 mbps but its around 15 @Paul Rudd
  3. 4 people on home max watch 1080p videos sometimes 4k. idk about downloading i download big games at night
  4. unlimited broadband for around 8 usd
  5. like a icon in a desktop to click i am going to nvidia panel and using multiple display options
  6. is it possible to have one windows 10 and another windows 11 install when it relases
  7. any newer version coming for lg gl850?
  8. using g402 which will be better for csgo and gta5
  9. yeah i was also meaning the native resolution. will 144hz look better on games or genreal usage also btw none of the videos are 144fps like youtube.
  10. i currently checked at 4k 60hz monitor. or it will look better than that
  11. https://www.amazon.in/LG-inch-68-58-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B078GRM2MV, my monitor spec
  12. dp always gives 8 bit, 4k 60hz
  13. my dp cable got damaged, i thought i could use this hdmi cable which came with my monitor, i just found out that gysnc wont work so need to buy it anyway
  14. same showing enable deep color
  15. Is there any differnce between pc option and ultra hd, hd, sd. am i need to change any settings?
  16. rtx are not available now 800+ may be, it was 500 when there was no inflation
  17. So, i i7 9700 can be overclocked with a z series board, i thought only k models can be overclocked.
  18. 1650 only, was thinking to buy rtx 3060 usualy availaible for 35k (500 dollar) now a 1650 is selling for 350 dollar, so cant buy any
  19. I would have bought a better board if known before, i just asked for asus board and seller assembled with this board. lol
  20. enabled tb. 4.55- 4.6 during gaming. cinebench scores are compared from which site? I googled many sites only show up 9700k.
  21. disabled turbo boost and restarted but the cpu speed option is greyed out always, the power consumption 65 watts is delivered enough by the board the right?
  22. bios settings https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zbc8gt0YNrU6bZaQc-2Gv7my1cLJepUC/view?usp=sharing