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  1. whee I've been dead for a while. Honestly probably won't be on much here but still enjoy all the people I've met!

  2. Looks like your mobo only supports AMD Crossfire.
  3. looks pretty solid but you probably don't need the x570 board. Go for a nice b450 or x470 board instead
  4. You should be fine to slot it in but be warned that your windows may be deactivated because of new hardware
  5. wouldn't that be a downgrade? or maybe a sidegrade?
  6. maybe you're drawing too much power from your PSU? What's it's wattage and what other stuff is in your system?
  7. Sychic

    WiFi card

    A card that's used to interpret wifi signals for your computer I think you can change them out for upgrades n stuff not really PCIe
  8. Nice Choice! Edit: Lian-Li is making a O11 Dynamic XL which should be coming out soon
  9. They have more features that people might need. For instance x570 has PCIe 4.0 which people use for storage Edit: x470 and x570 mobos might also have better VRMs. idk much about them though. Refer to the Motherboard tier list for that
  10. The coolant should be fine, it's just used to transfer heat to the radiator where it's released into the air
  11. 3600 is the best bang for the buck rn.
  12. A modem is just kinda like an interpreter for the cable signal from your ISP
  13. but this is desktop cpus instead of mobile cpus... there's gonna be more performance