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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    ASUS B550-F ROG Strix (Wifi)
  • RAM
    KLEVV Bolt 3600Mhz (2x8GB)
  • GPU
    ZOTAC GTX 1060 6GB Mini
  • Case
    Fractal Design Meshify C
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    Deepcool DQ-M
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    Acer Nitro VG240P
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    Logitech G610
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    Logitech G402

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  1. I hope you mean AX850 and not 860, because the AX860 is ancient (dates from 2013 from what I can gather) If you're on a tight budget, chances are the NZXT C750 is usually the cheapest of the bunch.
  2. Man that NZXT case really isn't airflow friendly, but I guess if Colton isn't a hardcore overclocker he should be just about fine??
  3. 4.4GHz only applies to one of the cores, not all of them. 4.1GHz all-cores boost at stock is normal You could try overclocking it to get the all-cores boost clock up, though I wouldn't expect to hit 4.4GHz all cores as that might be a bit difficult
  4. All this RGB bs is why I've completely given up on the aesthetics part of the build, as long as it boots up and performs up to my expectations I could care less whether it lights up or what colour is it lighting up Its just so much faff and nonsense, proprietary connectors, crap software, sometimes needing an entire controller that the case doesn't come with not to mention the extra unnecessary work for cable management. But I guess some people enjoy being tortured trying to get their RGB working, so power to them I suppose.
  5. Pretty dope setup you got there, that triple monitor setup especially
  6. The CMOS battery is dead, when you unplug the motherboard the CMOS is the only thing powering it to maintain the clock/BIOS settings. That is why when you really want to clear every single setting in BIOS, you remove the CMOS battery.
  7. Change the CMOS battery, the coin cell between the 2 PCIe slots
  8. I assume Cinebench R23? Yeah that isn't performing as it should, Ryzen 2700x should be getting near or over 10000 for the multi-core. Do check if you have any background apps running when benching though Is the RAM running at 3600Mhz? XMP/DOCP enabled correctly?
  9. First off, Userbenchmark? Really? I assume you've spent good money on this PC, why are you judging it using some nonsense benchmarking test rather than how it performs in real-world use. Use Cinebench or something, then compare your score with other Ryzen 2700s Secondly, how do you know its under-performing? Have you used HWinfo and checked whether your CPU is boosting properly? Is it overheating (thermal throttling)? The X570 Gigabyte Gaming X while not top of the class in terms of VRM for an X570 board, its still more than capable of handling a Ryzen 2700.
  10. Check your front panel leads, does it match up to what the motherboard says (+ in +, - in -) and is it plugged correctly into HDD LED
  11. Their B450 boards were ok, but their B550 ones are honestly kinda shit save for the VRMs. I was planning to get the B550 Tomahawk because it was good value, then saw my friend's board crap out on him just 2 weeks after he got it. I nope-ed my way out of MSI immediately.
  12. I bet you guys that call Sarah made was transferred over to some cheap outsourced call center in India. Which is kinda BS honestly considering I saw the item line and it said Premium Support (which in another name, ProSupport), she should be getting an CS agent who is American/Canadian or at least in North America. And yeah, they are that bad and its not a surprise at all to me because I have worked in the ProSupport queue and dealt with them before. That incompetence I saw from that queue, I've lost count of how many ****ed cases we had to clean up because they were to
  13. 2000Mhz is correct, its DDR (double data rate) so 2000x2 is 4000Mhz Also unless you just absolutely love tinkering, just leave it as it is if its working + stable. RAM overclocking and adjusting the latency timings etc is a lot of work for barely any noticeable gains in real-world use.
  14. They do make stuff that isn't unicorn vomit, the Ripjaws/Flare & Sniper X/Fortis were non-RGB RAM Even the original Trident Z were pretty minimalist looking, until they went crazy with the Trident Z RGB/Royal/Neo
  15. There is no ROG Strix board that is m-ATX, and most of their stuff is overpriced to hell except the B550-F