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    Silent_R493 reacted to Senzelian in Why would you buy a DXRACER if you could buy one of these?   
    Why would you buy a 2000$ simulator if you can buy a 500000$ Ferrari?
    And even if they're cheaper than the DXRacer chairs, then I still think that the DXRacer ones are better for office work and I also think they look better.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from AddonCustoms in Maxnomic Dominator vs DXracer Max Series   
    I own an M-Series for about a year already.  I recommend it.
    I sit in it on average of 6-8 hours a day. Its pretty comfort the entire time.
    They have a more dense/firm sponge padding for the longer sit times then the other DXRacer Series's.
    As soon as you open the box for one you see why its priced what it is.  Their quality made. They will last as long as you take care.
    Maxnomic's are moslty based on older designed DXRacer chairs from what I read Online back when I bought mine.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from Razarza in [GMG] Pre-order Fallout 4 for $45 w/ 25% Off code (Ends 5/19)   
    The very first thing they did in-game with the E3 demo was character creation.  half the conference was on crafting.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from Albatross in [GMG] Pre-order Fallout 4 for $45 w/ 25% Off code (Ends 5/19)   
    they spend like 30 min on just Fallout 4 during the event.  half was on crafting.
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    Silent_R493 reacted to SeanBond in 21:9 gaming   
    This would be the one to get. I have it, used to have the 29" but the price gap wasn't worth it so I downtraded. Newegg has been known to have amazing sales on this. I have seen it go as low as $170 but often down to $200
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    Silent_R493 reacted to CatzRuleZWorld in 21:9 gaming   
    This one is cheap:
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from rentaspoon in Favorite Ship?   
    Cutlass Blue/Mustang Delta for looks
    M50/350R for Speed
    Gladiator/Gladius for Combat
    Star-G/Vanguard for latest ship to get announced.
    890 Jump because reasons.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from Tairetsu in Nvidia GTX 980 Ti   
    I want to see an SLI Comparison of all the 900's now.  should be interesting.
    my 980 feels inferior now.  Doubting I'll SLI it now.
    It was nice having a flagship for 6 months.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from Stanvard in Nvidia GTX 980 Ti   
    I want to see an SLI Comparison of all the 900's now.  should be interesting.
    my 980 feels inferior now.  Doubting I'll SLI it now.
    It was nice having a flagship for 6 months.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from SocomSuade in What gaming chair would you get on a $200 budget?   
    I have the all black version of this DXRacer.
    I've enjoyed mine for 9 months so far and its still in like new condition.  8 HRS average use daily.
    cheap chairs only get you so far.  most of the ones I've used from retail/office stores are junk.
    save for a decent one.
    This one is nicer IMO then the one you linked.
    Its all PU leather.  which is surprisingly good; not that cheap plastic feeling stuff. breathes well enough; very little build up of heat/sweat.
    If your into the look and don't mind/can afford one, go for it.
    the whole gaming thing is only half the reason why people like them.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from Smooth Bunz in [Amazon](US) Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 64GB USB 3.0   
    $29.99 for a decent/durable flash drive w/64GB of capacity.
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    Silent_R493 reacted to blackadder in Opinions on Phanteks Enthoo Luxe?   
    cool it's just a hard case to beat for the price, if you like the looks thats the big one. The fans it's come with are pretty good not great. You got lots of space for rads, come with a rad mount, Lots of fan spaces. The damn thing comes apart super easily. Trust me you will be happy. Also customer services might be as good as evga.Edit damn you auto correct.
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    Silent_R493 reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Cherry Mx switches   
    Personal preference. I personally like MX Browns and Clears. It's a shame that Clears are hard to come by though. 
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    Silent_R493 reacted in Need a new gaming headset   
    Kingston HyperX Cloud
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    Silent_R493 reacted to div033 in Asus PB278QR?   
    I've had the 2014 PB278Q for a few months now, which is basically the same thing as the PB278QR minus a couple display modes.
    I've noticed a couple issues that I haven't been able to pinpoint if it's the monitor is at fault. One is I occasionally see flickering pixels when looking at certain images. They're very erratic in nature. I'm not sure if it's my GPU, DVI-D cable, or the monitor itself. Similarly, when using DisplayPort and letting it go to sleep, it required to be unplugged and plugged back in before it would actually wake. I think I read something about the EVGA GTX 970s having some DisplayPort issues though so that could've been the cause of that. I also had some light bleed on the lower right corner which I managed to fix by taking off the bezel and strategically placing some electical tape where it'd apply more pressure to the panel, eliminating the bleed almost entirely. Another thing to note is that this panel does exhibit quite a bit of glow, so make sure you're looking at it head on (eyes meet middle of display) for the best results.
    Aside from those few issues, it's been an incredible display. I really lucked out when I thought I was getting the PLS version but ended up with the AHVA panel instead. I just got a Spyder4Pro which says it covers 100% sRGB after calibration. I don't have the delta-E values since I don't have the elite version, but I am considering upgrading.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from smjpl in call of duty advanced warfare multiplayer any good?   
    Player count is worldwide not region.    You get more accurate count from the most play on steam stats page.  COD:AW had like 30K average day one.
    Not high enough for my liking.  Needed to be in or very near the Top five on steam for a PC buy from me.    
    An MP game on PC lives or dies on whether its a good game or if the player base will stick around after a month.   
    It also didn't help that COD:AW doesn't have dedicated servers ATM.  Thats a big Red flag for me on PC.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from Maciek in What ship should I get next?   
    Personally say stay with a single seat until the bigger ships are actually usable. I had a Taurus but It drove me crazy not to fly it.  
    I Have mostly Fighters since that's what AC is all about ATM.
    Love my M50 and the Gladius looks like it can punch hard.  Pretty sure the Stats page is old and as always not correct.
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    Silent_R493 reacted to thekeemo in Man sentenced for lasering plane with 118 passengers aboard   
    I feel this problem could be fixed by using mirrored oneway glass
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    Silent_R493 reacted to LukaP in Assassins's Creed Unity dev claims 60fps is not good for image quality   
    wat the actual fuck why is noone confronting them. comon reddit

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    Silent_R493 reacted to Hans Christian | Teri in Windows 10 Insider Topic   
    Well I guess I'm the only one who's stupid enough to run it as my main OS...
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    Silent_R493 reacted to teddyteddyteddy in asus gtx 770 vs sapphire r9 280 x toxic   
    Isn't a gtx 970 in that same price range? It's a lot better than both of those
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    Silent_R493 reacted to rucdoc in IDRIS-P Party Boat Pledge Drive   
    it was on the wan show, and he said if we broke 1k members he'd buy an idris for the org. and we did, Never Challenge the chat.
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    Silent_R493 reacted to LinusTech in IDRIS-P Party Boat Pledge Drive   
    Yeah I haven't forgotten either... Me and my big mouth..
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    Silent_R493 reacted to Real_PhillBert in MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G   
    Reference cards use a different style of fan, a compressor (or blower type) which generate much higher levels of both positive and negative pressure than an axial fans. Axial fans move more air at a lower pressure an are generally quieter than compressors.
    Why is the reference card preferred for closely packed SLI arraignments? The higher pressures generated by the compressor fans do a better job of overcoming obstacle like another card in close proximity. Because of this reference designs will often cool better in a closely packed SLI arrangement than a similar card with an aftermarket cooler and axial fans, while aftermarket coolers with axial fans often cool better when there is not direct obstacles blocking the airflow into the card.
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    Silent_R493 got a reaction from Brama in Help me pick my ram Linus Techies   
    if it cost the same or an extra amount that insignificant like a few dollars then go for the fastest your mobo supports.     last time i looked 1600/1866/2133 all cost about the same for comparable modules from same brand/make/GB size
    Zxx boards and K CPUs support Intel XMP for automagicly OC'd Ram.  reason why board supports higher speeds and ram is sold at higher speeds are guaranteed to run at advertised speed. 
    RAM isn't hard to buy.  
    Pick a Brand
    Pick a Color
    Pick a GB size (8/16/32/64) - based on need
    Pick a Speed (RAM speed won't do anything for gaming. certain apps it will, like video editing.)