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  1. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/650w-evga-gq-series-80plus-gold-hybrid-modular-sli-crossfire-single-rail-54a-plus12v-1x135mm-fan-atx this is the only onne i could find with 2 4 +4 cpu cables but i dont know if this psu is any good any to tier list is says its for dgpu i dont even know what that is
  2. that one in the uk isnt coming till 31st july
  3. ofc not but maybe try gettinng a all core 5.0/5.1 ghz oc and im pretty sure just the 8 pin wont be enough
  4. thats why i wanna get a entire nnew psu that just has support for it without adapters you know
  5. thats the thing i plann on overclocking the cpu
  6. could you also help me find a psu that has support for this mobo already cause im pretty much upgrading my cpu and mobo and i want to change my psu as well but i dont know much about cpus and cant find anytthing from uk either im blind or something idk
  7. can you provide me a link from amazon uk ? and you sure these will connect with my psu
  8. no not really dont know were to look for that would support the txm 650
  9. im planning on getting 10700kf and z490 tomahawk and i just realised my current psu is a corsair txm 650w gold and that only has a 8 pin connector for the cpu but the z490 tomahawk needs 8 + 4 pin so im looking through some uk sites to find one and im struggling posting this if anyone can help me ? only one that i think that can support the motherboard not sure tho but its the EVGA 650 Watt GQ Gold idk if that any good.
  10. what do you mean by USB controller i have it plugged in the back of the mobo
  11. im unable to plug in ethernet to far away my internet
  12. i recently built a pc and it all works fine all drivers installed and products work just as expected i double checked everything and checks good. every game plays very good. but i have 1 issue and i cant find out how to fix it and i cant find ANYTHING about it online i looked for hours and days and nothing about this issue comes up. i have a 144hz monitor and the games i play i get well above that but if im not capped at 60 fps my ping sky rockets to like 300ms+. so im stuck playing at 60fps cause if i uncapp the fps and it goes any higher the game feels just how 144hz suppose to feel like bu
  13. it happends even if he caps the fps so to 75 or 80 anything above 60 and his ping just goes from like 10ms to like 500+ so he just starts lagging everywhere. and i got a ryzen 3600 with a rtx 2060 super and i dont have this issue but i am wired i dont use wireless