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  1. What is the best 240hz Monitor (Full HD) ?
  2. Can you tell me why a 4K 60Fps 50Mbits file on LumaFusion (LumaTouch) on iPhone X goes through faster than on an I9 9900k with Vegas 14? I mean twice as fast!
  3. I have a I9 9900k and a Corsair H115i platinum, but I hear the pump rattling at the silent settings. Are they any other good and silent aios?
  4. What is better ? More MHz oder better Cl?
  5. Are they any differences ?
  6. Guys, i was wrong. The Bequiet 750w Straight power has a second MB header! The 650W (or under) didnt have the cable in the Package. Sorry for that!
  7. Thank you for the answer ! So the second header is only for overclocking right?
  8. Hi ! i have bought a MEG Z390 Ace. Can i use the I9 9900k with 1 CPU Header ? Because i have a Bequiet 750w Straight power and it has only one MB cable. ( I dont need to overclock the i9.) Thx