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  1. I am thinking of buying Acer aspire 5s which costs 500$ specs include: Intel Core i5 8th Gen 8265U (1.60 GHz) 8 GB Memory 512 GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce MX250 1920 x 1080 Windows 10 Home 64-bit II am currently using an Sony Vaio with a second gen i5 2540M processor, 1 terabyte hard drive no graphic card at all and 4gigs of DDR3. I am also into music production and the Sony Vaio has been supporting my music production for a while now but if I load if I load up too many Vst synthesisers it causes audio clipping so I wanted to know that if I am buying this laptop
  2. so i want to buy a midi keyboard but i am stuck between arturia minilab mk2 or akai mpk mini mk2 i am not able to dicide between the two and which is more compatible with fl studio arturia minilab has great build quality but the drumpads are ok (based on videos on youtube) but i heard that it has issues with its rotary/endless/360/infinite encodes in which its hard to map it to fl studio basically some websites(including arturias forum) say that theres an issue with the knobs and theres something called absolute and relative midi modes in the arturias midi control cent
  3. i want a way through which i can utilize the host file and dns over a vpn connection i have created a host file and applied OpenDNS service in my router settings a while age but at one point i discovered that vpn was bypassing the Dns as well as the hostfile and was giving access to the blocked websites. i dont know, this even could be an irrerevelent question, but i am no expert in networking and learned whatever i know from the net SO PLEASE HELP ME IF THERE'S A WAY