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  1. Yes I have an iPhone (personal phone), Yes I have a Macbook (development), Yes I have an Android (buisness phone), Yes I have a Laptop (linux development), Yes I have a PC (win10 - gaming). I'm a pretty open person if it comes to tech, still I think the Framework laptop and concept is pretty stupid. Reparability is great but absolutely needless for consumers. Lets be honest do I really need an ugly ass Latop where I can repair the usb port my self for 15 bucks? Hell nah, I'd rather bring my macbook to a third party repair shop and he will fix i
  2. He should absolutley buy it. "He should donate to charitiy" is such a stupid argument. Same as with all your other arguments. "Why did you buy the more expensive picture on the wall the money would have been much better spent on children in need mimimimi" Its gonna be amazing content. I would love to see it. Sometimes you just gotta do it.
  3. I have no problem with them linking their sponsor first, it annoys me that at 0% of their videos they forget to link their sponsor, yet i have to to see just one video where they say, and the link to xy is in the description and it ACTUALLY is. Of course this doesn't effect views or subscribers, it just shows that the community is not priority number one, since they always forget to link to the not sponsered product.
  4. This makes for some reason super angry, when he says "we're at least gonna put the link in the description" and the first link is to their stupid sponsor https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aya-neo-world-s-first-7nm-handheld-gaming-device--2#/ @James get your shit together or I will rob you with my gucci mask
  5. All I want for christmas is linus / the team actually putting the link in the description. How hard can it be?
  6. @Levent Its limited to 100Mbits data throughput shared with all devices, you can see the sync speed to my local nas drop when someone else opens netflix. @Electronics Wizardy perfect so any cheap 1g switch from amazon should do the job
  7. Hello, I have a problem. My local network is super super slow, i am using the router provided by my provider. I do not want to change this router, I just want a "cheap" networkswitch which is capable of 1Gbps with a few ports (4-5). Which network switch is for me? What do i have to look out for? Managed or unmanaged switch? Thanks for your help?
  8. but wait, if miners use cuda, they have to enable it via drivers, otherwise its useless for miners as well (at least some miners)
  9. Hello Community, If Nvidia enables CUDA support on their new CMP Cards, they can still be used for machine lerning or video editing. If they have no use case for gamers AND miners in the future, ebay will be flooded with dirt cheap CMP cards, this would be a win for video editors/content creators (as long as they have cuda support). Is there information about CUDA support on these newer Cards? Greetings rolf
  10. @kirashi thanks for the response, i am familiar with linux, not a pro but i get things done (i have a root server) but i'm not using linux if not necessary. Will try Clonezilla thanks
  11. Hi, basically i'm trying to backup my hackintosh SSD within my windows Computer, is this possible? if yes wich free programm can do this while keeping all partitions without knowing the APFS Filesystem? thanks in advance
  12. Hello friends, lets pretend i have a 1gb file, and i overwrite all bytes with 0x00, then with 0xFF. Is it then possible to recover the files? My understanding is that only if i delete the files, the bytes are still set on the HardDrive, but overwriting an existing file, would change exactly these bytes, making it 'impossible' to recover the File. Am i correct?