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  1. so i guess my question is how much work/effects can my computer handle before it begins to lag? and how efficiently is overclocking my computer going to help get through the effects, and is it worth it?
  2. well i am just starting to learn how to use adobe so im not making 10 minute videos with effects and what not, the reason im asking is because i cant get through a couple minutes of editing cutting and joining clips together with one or two effects here and there without getting a very disturbing lag
  3. I am definitely using a legitimate copy of adobe premiere pro and the 4k footage is coming from a go pro hero 6 so it uses hevc format
  4. Hey im having trouble finding out what could be the cause of my computer not being able to play 4k footage at 1/4 speed without lagging, I dont know a whole lot about overclocking or what components could be bottle necking so i thought i would i ask for some help. Computer specs: Cpu: core i9 7920x Gpu: gigabyte aorous geforce gtx 1080 ti Ram: 64 gb's of corsair vengeance 4x16 Motherboard: gigabyte x299 aorous gaming 7 Psu : corsair RM 850x cpu cooler: msi core frozer L one 500 gb samsung ssd one 1 tb samsung ssd