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  1. So i think i got a good card i have a stable 150mhz and 1000mhz over clock on both gpu clock and memory. Max temp is 63 when gaming and fans never go about 40% is this good or should i try harder its stable in games not for sure if stable in benchmarks which i dont know if i should try and see.
  2. Havent quite decided on a radiator yet since i dont know if i want a crossflow for the front rad for hard tube runs and easier for a drain port and there will be a rad at the top as well
  3. Budget is not really a issue since in end will be doing custom water cooling. i am looking at maximizing effective rad to thermal transfer but dont want overly thick rads as they require higher rpm to over come fin density
  4. Last stage of build. so far the best are noctua but are highly expensive for the amount i will need. What are some good alternatives that work great for Air flow and static pressure yet low audible sound. Any help appreciated
  5. Thank you and let me know friend i appreciate it also let me know what cost or such you would like etc
  6. As the title entails I am moving my old system to a itx mb for use as a HTPC since i am building my 3950x gaming/streaming masterpiece. Does anyone have any suggestions or have one they might be willing to part with as I am having no luck so far and i never imagined i was gona need a itx board Thanks for the help
  7. Ok update time: MB: Crosshair formula viii Cpu: Ryzen 9 3950x Gpu: Asus strix 2080 super advance Ram: trident z neo 3600mhz 16cl Psu: Corsair 1200AXi Ssd: Evo970 1tb, inland. 2tb both nvme Currently needing to pick a case with in mind that I will be custom water cooling at the end but will be air on the beginning. Amy and all good suggestions appreciated
  8. Hey i was trying to add you guys to my plex media server or even my player and there are three listings on the search area but no tracks listed in any of them. Any chance of that being fixed or where should i go to add etc
  9. yeah seems the der8aurer video up above says only 4 deg difference i might just stick with kryonaught for the IHS
  10. And would it actually be worth it to delid a ryzen 3900 or 3950 considering the better TIM used
  11. Sorry still new to these forums really havent used them much, now what about power consumption for the water cooling i plan on doing how much power will the pump usually take?
  12. running HWinfo max draw from the 2070 Super alone was closer to 270 according to what its reading
  13. i understand that plus i was building into it the custom water cooling that would be coming into it as well thus the reason going for way over kill considering even in my current system using just the 2070 super i have and a 7700k both overclocked it looks to be pulling closer to 500w as is and i am sure that if i try overclocking the 3900x or 3950 it will be power hungry too but thank you for the list. I am kinda surprised evga doesnt have a multi-rail psu though. Not suprised Asus didnt though