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    i9 9900k
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    Maximus Hero XI
  • RAM
    32 GB HyperX Predator @ 3200 mhz
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    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 TI OC
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 750D
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    500 GB 970 EVO NVME x 2 in Raid 1
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    EVGA Platinum 1000 Watt PSU
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    Samsung CRG90
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    H150i Pro
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    Corsair K95 Platinum Mechanical Keyboard
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    G602 Logitech
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    Windows 10 64 bit

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  1. Where did you find this? I've looked for a while but I don't see this block available.
  2. the cards are really good showing two or more expensive/premium arrays (capacitors). The ones that are crashing and showing artifacts have cheap capacitors. The Base Design of these gpus features six mandatory capacitors for filtering high frequencies on the voltage rails. NVIDIA Founders' Edition, MSI Gaming X, ZOTAC Trinity, and ASUS TUF Gaming OC show the use of a hybrid capacitor deployment, with four SP-CAPs and two MLCC groups of 10 individual capacitors each in the center. These models are having zero issues and working at spec. The models that went cheap and are using
  3. Yeah true. I would just like a date. These cards are selling out in seconds. If possible it would be nice to know when and where so I have a small chance to grab one of the gpus of my interest.
  4. No they haven’t been released. I’ve heard rumors of late sept/early oct. They do have conflicting dates online for the Strix but zero info on the Auros which I really want.
  5. Does anyone know the release date of these? I keep hearing various information. The Auros Extreme isn’t even available under “coming soon” online at all.
  6. That is a good question and its entirely subjective. Whatever you create should be tailored to what you do; however, I must say that AMD CPU's are really good in gaming as well. Price to performance the 3700x and 3800x are really good value and do really well in gaming. If your main focus is gaming then the 9700k is awesome and will edge out the prior mentioned cpus in gaming alone; however, you are paying a premium and the 3800x will give you good gaming and excellent multi core performance plus all the ryzen chips are future proofed with their new 7 nm architecture that offers more L3 Cache
  7. You hit it on the nail. There is a market for these CPUs and as long as they are enthusiast type chips there will be buyers; however, I thing its important for Intel to show some promise beyond tinkering and high clock speeds. Like many of you have said we have to wait and see the reviews to be able to really quantify the performance. Only then can we speak on the value. As of now I'm a bit underwhelmed, but maybe just maybe Intel will prove me wrong once they are released for review. I'll be watching.........
  8. I agree with you, but of course sometimes all sense is thrown out the door and you buy the most powerful mainstream gaming CPU and put it in your rig just because you can. AKA the i9 9900K ****Its a beautiful thing to play AAA titles on Ultra and consistently get 80-120 FPS.**** There will be people who will buy this CPU (pending Benchmarks and reviews) just to do that.
  9. I agree on everything you're saying ; however, I would like for them to stop doing "solid upgrades" and bring some inovation to the table. I personally prefer Intel, but I'm losing faith in their product. Hopefully this 14 NM +++++++ ends up being alot more competitive with the 3900x then I'm expecting. Gaming is important to me, but PC's can offer so much more. I am belief (if nothing else) this will be a way better gaming/streaming chip with the added cores.
  10. I agree I just was hoping that even this old 14 nm chip would close the gap with the 3900X (specifically multi core work loads). That would be a pretty big deal considering its dated technology.
  11. I agree, but I more than likely wouldn't buy it regardless. I just want some real competition. Intel needs to step it up.
  12. I can't say I'm impressed. 2 more cores and 4 more threads with a whole bunch of "Up to" Marketing without any real performance increase to consider. I was really hoping for this to give the 3900x some true competition, but instead we just got a more power hungry chip on old architecture. Just my thoughts. If anyone has any additional insight please humor me....
  13. I ran Aida64 and it crashed :-/ I'm at a loss I've tried everything to get this to work even purchased two other 4000 mhz kits prior to the predator ram that crashed my PC as well. I've received many different errors since this venture of 4 8 gb sticks @ 4000 mhz. Would my PSU potentially be the issue (its 6 years old). Any ideas to make this work or am I stuck at a lower frequency ram. I attempted to use XMP profile 1 (3600 mhz) last night and run a stability test. I ran Aida64 for 10 hrs with everything checked with no errors. Am I stuck with this? I rea
  14. Wow! Great explanation. Thank you for taking the time to provide examples as well. I can't say I'm not afraid to slam it because boy will it be disappointing if it freezes or gives me a BSOD, but I realize it's necessary.
  15. Oh I know its an IMC thing, but I've really worked hard to obtain stability. I will run a more broad stress test to slam it to the max. I typically avoid test that crank up the CPU, because its not real world experiences. I've never seen my CPU eclipse 55 degrees while playing AAA titles on max settings so slamming it to crank it up beyond 70+ degrees for 12+ hours is perplexing to validate daily usage. Def not saying there's no value just something I've always questioned.