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    DCCFan reacted to comicsansms in If I install a new System HDD in eMachines PC, will I lose Windows license?   
    Windows 7 COA keys should still activate windows 10, (or at least windows 7 Pro, I haven't touched home in years).
    It might be a good idea to run magic jellybean key finder and also note down the Windows 10 CD Key

    Your old HDD's windows install won't suddenly stop working if you remove it from the system and install it on a new HDD. If you cannot reactivate windows on the new HDD/Install, you can clone the old HDD onto the new HDD using a cloning software like Macrium Reflect.
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    DCCFan reacted to comicsansms in If I install a new System HDD in eMachines PC, will I lose Windows license?   
    If your PC came preinstalled with Windows 7 or older, it should have a COA Sticker with the activation key somewhere on the case. If it came preinstalled with 8/8.1 or 10, it will likely have a windows key embedded into the bios.
    You can reinstall windows just fine if it has either of those methods. For the former, it will ask for your key, for the latter it will automatically detect the key.
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    DCCFan reacted to Commodus in Help choosing a decent tablet for kids. Unfamiliar with mobile cpu's   
    That first tablet is borderline. The CPU is about Snapdragon 439/450 in terms of regular computing, but it's apparently pretty pokey graphics-wise. I'm also worried about that thing shipping with Android 9. If you could update it to Android 11 that'd be alright, but I wouldn't want to be stuck with an OS that's two years old!
    I'd much rather spring for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. A Snapdragon 662 isn't stunning, but it'll definitely be better than that first tablet, and probably better than the Lenovo. That and you'll probably have better software support.
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    DCCFan reacted to huilun02 in Help choosing a decent tablet for kids. Unfamiliar with mobile cpu's   
    I'd get the Tab A7
    Definitely performs better with the mid-range SD chipset and will last longer with the 7,000mAh battery. Also the assurance you won't have garbo Chinese ads and apps flung at your kids.
    As for how well will it physically hold up in the hands of kids, you'd want a plastic case for it that covers the edges. This is possible if you are not getting some no-name Chinese device
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    DCCFan reacted to Beskamir in Elon Musk's Neuralink says this monkey is playing Pong with its mind   
    Neat but I'm skeptical, a lot of musk's endeavors are extremely over exaggerated or hyped
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    DCCFan reacted to boggy77 in im planning on buying a pc lol help me   
    the 1660 alone is probably worth 300 euros in current market prices, i'd go for it
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    DCCFan reacted to minibois in Need help moving Windows 10 and other programs onto SSD   
    MiniTool Partition Wizard is generally a reputable well-known program.
    Do keep in mind it's not free to clone a drive in the latest versions of the program.
    I've used Macrium Reflect in the past, but I've heard of reports it is not free to use anymore.
    Cloning seems to be a bit of a hit-and-miss situation, where sometimes it just work out well. Your mileage may vary with cloning.
    A clean install will always work great, there is some more effort that goes into it of course, which is the reason many people go for a clone.
    I would recommend a clean install of Windows.
    My general rule of thumb is that any program that takes long to open and/or is opened (very) frequently should be on an SSD.
    So other than Windows and your browser of choice, you might want to consider having your video editing program on it (because it takes long to open), a frequently played single-player* game with a long loading time (Skyrim, GTA V, etc.) and there are other examples of programs you want on there (like a photo editing program, which can often also take a bit longer to open).
    * the reason I mention single-player games is that with multi-player games you're generally waiting for others to load into the game too, so there won't be much of an advantage to having the game on an SSD.
    It does kind of depend on the game though, some singe-player games won't seen an improvement on an SSD.
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    DCCFan reacted to Canada EH in Can i clean my pc with a hair dryer ?   
    hair dryers have cool mode
    so its just a high powered fan
    go for it!
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    DCCFan got a reaction from Barn1356 in Need help designing first gaming pc for daughter.   
    I'd get something like this if I were you. No GPU for obvious reasons LoL but would get a solid motherboard from the get-go so that when GPU prices go down, you can sell your APU and upgrade to a nice Ryzen 7 or even 9 CPU and dedicated GPU. Do not get a A320 type mobo, they might not be able handle a powerful CPU. You shouldn't need a CPU cooler as you get one with the APU. You can get one later on for the higher end CPU. You could get 32gb of RAM instead of 16, but unsure if it will be necessary. You can always add another 16 later on.
    PCPartPicker Part List
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor  ($285.99 @ Amazon) 
    Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard  ($192.99 @ Best Buy) 
    Memory: G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory  ($121.50 @ Newegg) 
    Storage: Western Digital SN750 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive  ($139.99 @ Amazon) 
    Case: Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower Case  ($99.98 @ Newegg) 
    Power Supply: SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply  ($106.43 @ Amazon) 
    Case Fan: Enermax SquA RGB 68.27 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack  ($54.99 @ Newegg) 
    Total: $1001.87
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2021-03-28 01:09 EDT-0400
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    DCCFan reacted to aisle9 in I think I got bad advice and was ripped off on my first PC build, I am a noob and need good advice pls   
    Between those two options, and it kills me to say this, I'd probably go with the 3400G. I'm just that averse to anyone ever spending money on the GT 710.
    The question really comes down to this for me:
    R5 3400G: You've got your CPU and GPU in one package, but you're making a pretty big compromise on both with a weak CPU and a weak GPU. But, again, you've got everything and don't need to worry about fighting the GPU market. R5 3600 + any GPU: You're going to need to upgrade the GPU before playing more modern stuff, but even a 710 would be more than fine for Starcraft. If you do buy a cheap crap-tier GPU, don't spend $70 on a GT 710. Don't spend anything on a GT 710. Go to eBay and buy a used HD 7470, HD 7570, HD 8450, R5/R7 240 or R7 250 for under $50 (as low as $10 US for the 7470) instead. They perform every bit as well as a GT 710. Hell, a chihuahua with an HDMI cable shoved up its ass outperforms a GT 710, and eBay automatically gives you free 30-day returns if something goes wrong. You spend more up front on the 3600+GPU option, but if you decide in a year that the 3400G is just unbearable as a CPU, you end up spending more yet to replace the 3400G and buy a GPU. It's a risk either way.
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    DCCFan reacted to mariushm in Are the extra $15 worth it for the WD SN750 (Black NVME) over the SN550 (Blue NVME)?   
    Both WD drives use TLC flash , either 64 or 96 layer, with some amount of it in pseudo-slc mode to cache writes. They bought the stuff from Sandisk, so it's their own flash memory.
    I think the memory on SN750 is same as SN500 , the older 64 layer TLC memory chips. The SN550 uses 96 layer chips which may be a tiny bit slower than 64 layer chips, but they're cheaper to manufacture and available in bigger capacities, so for example, it allows WD to use only 1 or 2 chips instead of 4 chips and cheaper 4 memory controllers on sata only WD Green / Blue series to be competitive with low end brands.
    DRAM only matters if you're gonna constantly create files, delete files, write A LOT of stuff ... basically dram only holds metadata  (where is each file located, what flash pages are empty and so on) ... if you read stuff from the SSD there's minimal performance loss if the SSD doesn't have dram.
    If you use a ssd for the operating system and for running a few games and installing maybe a game a week, you're not doing enough writes and metadata changes that you'd feel the lack of dram.
    Once everything is in place, installed, it's not gonna change often, so you're not gonna do tons of writes.
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    DCCFan reacted to mariushm in Are the extra $15 worth it for the WD SN750 (Black NVME) over the SN550 (Blue NVME)?   
    Save the money, the kids won't care that windows loads 1 second faster, or that a game level loads half a second faster.
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    DCCFan reacted to Action_Johnson in Are the extra $15 worth it for the WD SN750 (Black NVME) over the SN550 (Blue NVME)?   
    Probably not if it's just for games. You could save some more cash by just going SATA.
    I'm in a similar spothelping my nephew put together his first computer in a couple weeks and we skipped NVMe all together and just went SATA with a Samsung 870 Evo.
    His game loading times will be identical, system responsiveness might be measurably slower, but not noticeable. He's not going to be working with huge files either for a while at least, so the advantages of NVMe just didn't make sense. 
    That being said, I run SN850's and SN750's in my two towers and love em. I do work in huge files for work, so the advantages of NVMe are significant when transferring to external drives like the Samsung T7's.
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    DCCFan reacted to Ash_Kechummm in Are the extra $15 worth it for the WD SN750 (Black NVME) over the SN550 (Blue NVME)?   
    The black has better performance and endurance, but the blue is good enough to last you longer than you'll probably keep it anyway.
    I'd say go for the blue.
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    DCCFan reacted to chaosys in Are the extra $15 worth it for the WD SN750 (Black NVME) over the SN550 (Blue NVME)?   
    Go for the black!
    Go SATA with tlc nand and dran or a good nvme with tlc nand and dram. The SN550 has no dram. It is good at benchmarks and a lot of mundane tasks but when it sucks it sucks bad, really bad. 
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    DCCFan reacted to rowdyjosh02 in Can't get into AM2+ eMachines BIOS, must have tried 15 times :(   
    Have you been into the bios before this?
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    DCCFan reacted to Bitter in Can't get into AM2+ eMachines BIOS, must have tried 15 times :(   
    Tab? Del? Esc? F2?
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    DCCFan reacted to SpiderMan in What would you pay for a newish i7 32gb ram 1tb ssd pc?   
    ~$400-$450. On the older side, don't know how good the PSU is, or what SSD is in it and how old. 
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    DCCFan reacted to Archer42 in Is the WD Green SSD acceptable for a very old (Athlon II) PC?   
    IMO - be careful with "tiers"... the list is kind of misleading and has a bunch of outdated info.
    With manufacturers changing stuff around it is pretty hard to know what will be inside one of those cheap SSD-s you buy...
    BX500 is good example here - TLC version is mostly fine, QLC version is GARBAGE.
    And again, IMO, for this reason going with something like WD Blue is a good idea. It is slightly more expensive but its contents are well known and you are going to get exactly what you are paying for.
    It did not. Main issue with QLC is write speed. Endurance is fine. Low, but fine. But when SSD has sustained write speed of cheap usb flash drive it is BAD. And 10-30MB/s is absolutely what you get on all cheap dramless QLC configs.
    There are QLC SSD-s which are kind of fine too. Intel 660p/crucial P1, samsung 860/870qvo and some more. But those have dram and use decent controllers.
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    DCCFan reacted to SavageNeo in Is the WD Green SSD acceptable for a very old (Athlon II) PC?   
    ssd tier list:
    Tier C is suitable for your build. go look at those.
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    DCCFan reacted to ProjectBox153 in Is the WD Green SSD acceptable for a very old (Athlon II) PC?   
    I'm not familiar with those drives. For cheap computers I usually use the ADATA SU650 or SU800. 
    Your CPU won't overheat by using an SSD. Not sure how it would. 
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    DCCFan got a reaction from AnirbanG007 in Is the WD Green SSD acceptable for a very old (Athlon II) PC?   
    Yeah that was my thought pretty much. But then again if the drive is horrible I don't want all my stuff deleted 'cause of drive failure. 
    Have any of you heard of these SSDs? https://en.colorful.cn/product_show.aspx?mid=122&id=58 
    They claim it's 3D nand, apparently dramless though. Has anyone used them? They're from China but as my mom's cousin used to say, not everything in there is utter crap lol
    Yeah for the NVME I was planning to get the WD Blue SN550 🙂 It's very affordable and has such good reviews. Back when I built the gaming PC I was planning to get a MX300 but then memory prices tripled or worse so I ended up getting a HDD lol
    So my Athlon II X4 is unlikely to overheat with a SSD? that's reassuring. This PC was actually a SFF eMachines that I ended up upgrading the CPU and adding more RAM and later moved it all to a non-SSF case so it has decent ventilation, but I still worry a bit about the proprietary cooler.