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  1. I have and I’m seeing conflicting things. Hence why I’m asking.
  2. I probably wouldn’t look to do crazy OC’s, just something stable & simple to maximise the CPU/Silicon Lottery, but was wondering with the 5950X as normally more cores means lower clock speed and that’s why I was wondering if the 5900X or 10900K would be faster?
  3. There seem to be a lot of new IPS monitors catching up in terms of better response times & higher Hz. I personally waited years for the 35VQ but ultimately it was bandwidth restricted and the VA panel didn’t do it any favours. Definitely worth waiting on this type of monitor.
  4. Out of the 10900K (Intels Best?), the 5900X & 5950X, which is the current fastest CPU? I’m looking at doing a new build with a custom loop in order to OC, have the AMD CPUs lived up to the hype and been able to outperform Intel? I know Intel should have a big 2021, with new chips in March and towards end of the year, but interested in what’s currently the best.
  5. I’ve seen various conflicting benchmarks/reviews and wanted to ask, Overall/Average, which card ranks highest in terms of Gaming Performance? I know the 3090 is marginally faster than a 3080 at 1-10%, but does the 6800/6900XT beat the 3090? Also, what are the average 3DMark TimeSpy scores for a 6800/6900XT?
  6. I mean it needs to be 16.6ms or below for 60Hz so it’s not going to be noticeable.
  7. Yes, there’s a new X27 coming, but for now, it’s going to be 32” size (X32). 4K looks immense on 27”, so pixel dense, it’s fine for gaming IMO however if you do a lot of desktop work/productivity stuff, then 32” can be better to utilise the res. I would say you have the PG27UQ & 27GN950 as the best monitors, but my money would go on a 48” LG CX. Out of those 3, you can’t really go wrong.
  8. It doesn’t have DSC so it’s limited. I would pick the LG 27GN950. A lot cheaper.
  9. Depends entirely on your budget. You’ve got: LG 27GN950 - HDR600 ~£800 ASUS PG27UQ - HDR1000 ~£2,000 ASUS PG32UQX (Coming Jan 2021) - HDR1400 ~£3,500 Curveball would be a: LG CX 48” ~£1400
  10. https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/blog/acer-predator-x34-s-with-34-ultrawide-nano-ips-panel-200hz-refresh-rate-and-native-g-sync/
  11. Best 1440p 240Hz right now is the Lenovo Y27gq. There are IPS versions coming soon which will be superior, when we’re going to see them, who knows, but one might release before the year is out.
  12. You can do 4K 144Hz 10bit right now via the LG monitor. There will be more coming soon. HDMI 2.1 is very good if you’re planning to use a TV that supports 2.1. Otherwise, DP 1.4 can do what you need.
  13. No doubt has worked out well for you, PC setups don’t normally have that kind of space to wall mount 55”. Being so close to that is just... headache inducing imo Maybe for productivity, idk, but for gaming, I wouldn’t say so, it’s like 1440p but of course, the detail level is turned up to insane, I appreciate the extra pixels! My desk is 73cm high, and my chair wouldn’t drop down lower to accommodate a screen basically sitting there with a small stand, would need to be slightly higher. I guess I’m someone who 27” is perfect for on a des
  14. Personally & for a lot of people, 48” is too big for Monitor use. I know some people make it work but 27” is just so much more versatile on a desk. You have no adjustment either with the TV, so you need a Arm for it. I know Samsung will try and bring OLED monitors to the market, I’d go up to 32” if they ever do come out. Apart from that, going over that size, means going into a living room setup, so then I use my 77” OLED.
  15. LG 27GN950 does: 4K 144Hz 10-bit Via DP 1.4 with DSC. And it’s £750. Eve Spectrum will be out soon, same thing, but with HDMI 2.1 as well (bonus for PS5) and it’s coming in cheaper around ~£600.