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  1. Line 4 of your Javascript you have a spelling mistake. Missing an 's' in password. Define variable 'pasword' and then do a comparison with variable 'password'.
  2. Yes, I know. Another f***ing windows 10 thread... Can anyone help me with this one?
  3. Soma looks cool, but I wanna see something really exciting at this conference tonight
  4. Mint is a great, I used to use that on an old desktop for a year or so. Ubuntu is the most popular by far, but as you said you weren't a big fan. I use Elementary OS on my laptop occasionally and I love it. It's based on Ubuntu, but is a nice, easy to use fresh take on the traditional Ubuntu gui. Raspbian is meant for the Raspberry Pi, which if I'm not mistaken means it is extremely thinned out, and is not exactly optimal for a full blown desktop machine. My advice is to get a flash drive and download a couple iso's of different distros and play with them each for a day or two and find
  5. There is a large percentage of people who are willing to pay for it. It will sell no matter what. I mean, is $120 really that much for something that you will use everyday for 5-6 years? I don't think it is
  6. I'm looking for a device that will take a 3.5mm audio input, and have multiple outputs so I can switch between my speakers and head phones easily. Can anyone recommend a small, reasonably priced, good quality switch?
  7. I mean, I'm selling a 1080p 24" Samsung Syncmaster on eBay.... Probably against forums rules to promote myself but if your in Canada it might be a good option. PM if you want a link. $90 and in perfect condition
  8. They do, but this device compares the actual physical input before it gets to the PC (mouse > Game:ref > PC) with what the PC is reporting to the game. So even if the cheats disguise that way, the info they are sending to the game still does not match the movement info coming from the mouse. That is how the device is supposed to work, in theory.
  9. Dazmode.com He runs his site out of Mississauga. I have had nothing but great experiences ordering from him! Highly recommended
  10. Believe me, it ain't that simple. Setting up a decommissioned aircraft with the latest avionics and electrical equipment isn't an easy task. Again, if anyone was going to test this, it would be engineers at a manufacturer. And if it is a severe flaw, they would already be all over it. We definitely would not be the first to know about something like this.
  11. Problem is it isn't all that easy to convince an airline or a manufacturer to just let some geeks test out an Android tablet with Linux on it by borrowing an aircraft for the afternoon. If there is some legitimate concern over vulnerabilities in the aircraft's systems, it is likely that the manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus etc.) are already all over it. We definitely wouldn't be the first to know. Also, they wouldn't even need the engines at full power. They would probably only need them idling to see if they can be remotely shut down.
  12. Well, maybe. It means "we think its possible, but have no way of testing it". Obviously they don't want to test it (unless someone is really nuts), but it still doesn't validate it in any way.
  13. The quote says "we could theorize" about turning engines off while the aircraft is cruising. That doesn't mean they can. I'm not trying to downplay the severity of something like this, and the implications are scary, but generally these communities of grey/white/black hat hackers like to exaggerate the dangers of technologies like this. I don't think there is anything to worry about here.