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  1. Hi guys, cant seem to update or download anything on steam stuck at 0 bytes, ive tried Changing the download region Turning off firewall Reinstalling steam Verifying integrity of files Repairing files Clearing download cache I dont know what else to do ? please help
  2. hi whats the best UPS back up power supply for an Acer predator x34p, my ups is only 325w and when i plug my pc and monitor together it makes a sound indicating that is being overloaded. pc specs i7 9700k rtx 2080ti 850w thermaltake psu gold 80+ fully modular monitor acer predator x34p at 120hz UPS now APC 625v 350w
  3. Is my system bottlenecked? I ran a bench mark on shadow of the tomb raider and i used msi afterburner to keep track of the gpu performance, gpu performance is only at 31% ive seen a video on YouTube about this from jaytwocents saying it should be around 80 to 90%. Specs I7 9700k oc to 4.7ghz Gigabyte rtx 2070 non oc
  4. Is there anway to align the wallpaper? This a 10k resolution wallpaper on a 1920x1080 tv and on a 3440x1440 monitor, the is spanned, is there anyway to align them? Or probably compress the tv wallpaper resolution? Thanks
  5. Planning to get an ultrawide 34inch gsync monitor, my options are between acer predator or asus rog swift. Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks
  6. Hi guys wanted to ask how do i properly install a Corsair 140HD rgb fan to my Motherboard aorus elite, which plugs go where, there are 2 4 pin plugs on the fan the first one i plugged on the upper left side of the board seems to turn the fan on but the Rgb lighting is still off. The other plug which i believe powers the rgb lighting, i dont know where to plug it. Any help? Do I need the corsair icue for this? Attached is the photo of my board
  7. i figured, although there's not much difference in gaming id still like to see that gsync on in my gameplay. lol
  8. Hey wanted to ask about gysnc, i cant seem to get it working on any games at full screen, i do change it to borderless or windowed it seems to work, but at fullscreen i doesnt. Any advice on this matter? specs. LG um69g 75hz freesync Rtx 2070 Geforce driver 419.67
  9. Is there anyway to sync my asus case to my aorus mobo for rgb lighting? Aurasync only detects dram rgb fusion only detects my mobo wanted to change my fans color in the case.
  10. Hi i have an Asus tuf gaming gt501 case but my motherboard is aorus gigabyte elite, wanted to know if there is anyway to sync rgb lighting in my pc, i used rgb fusion and aurasync but the fans wont show in any of the programs, there is a manual button in the wires connected to the fans where you can set up the color and the type of lighting style, but when i restart my pc. It goes back to its original color which is yellow basically it wont save my settings
  11. francisuy


    Yes i know, but isn't it suppose to show up? Mine showed up when i first turned g sync on but after a while i didn't show anymore
  12. francisuy


    Man i must have missed that, it worked thank you!
  13. francisuy


    Hi there was wondering if anyone can help, my gsync is turned on in my monitor but the "G Sync ON" wont appear when i open a game, i already checked the g sync indicator in the nvdia control panel but still it wont show. Any help would be great. Thanks
  14. francisuy


    Hi there im new here, was wondering if any of you guys can help out i recently got myself an Lg 34um69g ultrawide with 75 hz and freesync and i also have a samsung 60hz 43 inch tv the monitor is plugged via display port and the tv plugged via HDMI, with free sync off for the monitor i can have 2 displays with my LG monitor being the main or the number 1 display and the TV being the second one . but when i turn on the freesync on my LG it switches the display, the main display is now the TV not the monitor, if i unplug the HDMI TV though the main display goes back to the LG monitor. n