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    usb 3 isn't pci based so it wont work at all. you need a thunderbolt connection, m sata / m.2 connection (which means opening up the pc so that's a no go) or one of those old express card ports found on business and engineer laptops so that is unlikely aswell. doable but stupid cause you would have to buy an new old laptop. if you want an egpu you would also need a new laptop which if you dont want a completely new one like a razer blade stealth or alienware or whatever has a thunderbolt 3 connection on it then you would have to buy an old macbook pro with thunderbolt 2 on it or something li
  2. clean up the wires and mount the rad to the underside of your desk and your setup will look killer! nice build
  3. oh yeah because an upgrade from a 960 is so necesarry in the first place.....
  4. i mean i totally understand and it is your build so it should be the way you like it! i still think it looks nice for sure and yeah i guess you wont see it really. you haven't got a window either sooo ^^ got any other plans with the machine?
  5. sick build ! other than the abit oversized for my liking EVGA logo on the gpu the whole mod was pretty nice. way to go man
  6. please dont quote pictures man nice build! too bad i only found this now. definently following !
  7. this is pretty sick i can't wait to see more homes
  8. well yes that is true but this is a house so it should work pretty well hopefully
  9. alright maybe i will try it out then. i literally have no idea what you guys are saying right now haha i might have to do a lot more research than i thought. ''a dedicated access point that is purposed designed'' as in a good wireless access point? i do have a router that have pleased me for many years now. the connection on it has been great even in apartments but it is running old. it is a D-link DIR-855, old but gold
  10. alright again thanks for the answer man. but how do i get the most out of the internet we have? again without running a cable. as mentioned earlier would tp link av500's be a good solution to get some fast networking to my desktop? or would a wifi extender be better, you know one of those that recives the signal from the wireless access point and the extender connects via ethernet to my desktop. or is there any other solution to make sure the internet is as stable as can be, because i do have experience with wifi being a bit unstable.
  11. thanks for the answer i very much appreciate it. okay can you explain what problems might come with having to wireless routers on one network? i would split it through a switch after all and they should have different ips so i thought it would be better than sharing a single connection? ''just having access points around the place'' care to elaborate? two lines MIGHT be a solution but right now it seems unecessary and costly so we'll see how sharing one 20/20 connection goes and then maybe we will later get two lines.
  12. sounds expensive AF tho... and it also sounds unreliable.
  13. hey LTT forums so i was wondering since i'll be moving into a shared flat soon i would like to know what the best wifi solution would be. There is the catch that max speeds in the area first off is 20/20. but i was wondering. if we setup multiple acces points how would it split the 20/20 connection? because i was thinking that maybe i could setup 2 routers (so one for each) where one would be dedicated for me and the other would be dedicated for my roommate. i have one 5 ghz (and 2.4 compatible ofcourse) router that i would setup for myself and my less craving roommate would get a 2.4
  14. yeah it happens for me too don't worry homes that is true he might be doing something with cables but i feel like p0pe always keep it kinda secret until he can show it off done.