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  1. If the ILO says they're OK, then that's not the issue. And if it doesn't complain about temps, that missing zone is also probably not it. This is indeed very strange. Have you tried another OS?
  2. What does it say when it starts up? Did you get into the bios? I've seen some servers disable USB boot by default. I presume it has some sort of RAID controller for the harddrives, so you would have to configure that first before it could even see a drive.
  3. Does your ILO show any errors or warnings? Have you checked for failed fans? If one is below spec, the server compensates by running all other fans at 100%
  4. for minecraft, you want as high a CPU clock as you can get, since it's not multithreaded. So go for a moderately new Ryzen or intel core. If it can run minecraft, transcoding shouldn't be a problem.
  5. https://xcb.freedesktop.org/ There also is another implementation of the X protocol in C. supposedly easier
  6. https://www.x.org/releases/current/doc/libX11/libX11/libX11.html Also what might help is finding a simple window manager and looking at the code
  7. anything that compiles to an .exe, yes. Languages like Python will probably not work, since they are interpreted
  8. afaik .scr are just normal windows executables, so basically a renamed .exe Edit: meaning: any language that can compile to .exe will probably work
  9. This only works with the really expensive server GPUs made for splitting. I think it could even be problematic to switch a card over to a vm because GPUs are very picky about being initialized more than once.
  10. exactly. Might be good as a learning platform tho if you don't mind the noise and power consumption.
  11. You could probably stilll access the freenas webui from those two computers, but freenas won't have internet, so no updates etc.
  12. Probably not. That controller is normally completely seperate. Sometimes it works the other way round tho, so you can use the IPMI on the normal LAN as well.
  13. Depends on CPU & RAM installed. Not much tho, this thing is old and powerhungry. Take a look on ebay now ur just using me as a search engine Google is your friend.
  14. Yes you can. As I said, servers are just fancy PCs
  15. Power Supply unit. This server has two for redundancy, but probably only needs one to run