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  1. It is 16gb DDR4, so plenty of ram. Not sure how exactly DRAMless nvme works, all I know is that it`s better to have DRAM rather than not
  2. 500GB no doubt. You won`t notice a difference during standard usage of computer.
  3. Hey Guys, I have currently got Intel 660p 2tb installed in my Dell 7490 but have never managed to fill it up to 1TB so I thought to replace it with WD SN550 1TB I just bought for my PC. Is DRAMless WD fine as a system drive? I know there are faster drives like P5 but I have already got these two and they are both pretty low temperature drives which is important in a laptop. What puzzles me is my ATTO score I got which you can see below and compare it to WD drives I linked. https://www.servethehome.com/wd-black-sn750-500gb-review/2/ https://www.legitreviews.com/wd-blue
  4. In case someone is interested - Asus P6X58D Premium works with these 2rx8 4gb Ecc registered sticks. It didn't work with 2rx4 though. I'm using Xeon X5670 and latest bios.
  5. Ok, it seems like its better to remove it then Cheers guys!
  6. Hi, Quick question, I have got few "retro" motherboards for LGA775 and 1366 socket that I would like to keep in a box for at least couple of years (they won't be used). Was wondering, can I leave the Cmos battery in or is it better to remove the battery? I know that the battery only allows to save bios settings but will it have any effect on bios itself when the battery is removed and motherboard not used for couple of years? Thank you
  7. Yes, it`s EU, Huawei gives 3 years for those laptops now so I wouldn`t want to lose it. Their support obviously says that opening the laptop and changing something means out of warranty. But I think every support says that and I don`t think it`s legal. Why wouldn`t it be possible to change the SSD when they sell it only with 512GB?
  8. Hi Guys, I am thinking to buy this laptop but came across something that bothers me in it specs - https://consumer.huawei.com/en/laptops/matebook-d-16-amd/ : 7. 2 TB refers to the maximum capacity supported by two hard disk slots. A single hard disk slot supports a maximum of 1 TB capacity. Only supports M.2 2280 SSD storage. Is it possible, or is it just an error? I have got 2tb Intel 660p and I can`t imagine that a modern laptop, released in 2021 won`t support such size. On top of that what about warranty when you open the laptop and change SSD? I know that many co
  9. Nobody? What is the reason I get blue screen and "Inaccessable boot drive" error while booting to Windows 10 when I am changing SATA Mode from Auto to Enhanced (as per one of screenshots in first post)? Does it mean that "Enhanced" works as AHCI even when this motherboard has only got ICH7 chipset without AHCI? I know that some Asus motherboards offer AHCI even on ICH7 chipset.
  10. Hi Guys! I have got a problem with SSD Read transfers on my parents PC. SSD: Transcend TS256GSSD340 - SSD review https://goughlui.com/2014/08/26/review-teardown-transcend-ssd340-256gb-2-5-solid-state-drive-ts256gssd340/ Motherboard + Processor + RAM: Gigabyte P31-S3L + E7500 OC 3.5Ghz + 4GB Ram (2x2GB) OS: Windows 10 I realise that firstly this SSD is not the fastest in the world in the first place and secondly that this motherboard is based on ICH7, so doesn`t have AHCI and is limited to SATA II. But still I think that something is wrong, as Read transfer
  11. I have changed Raid On to AHCI in BIOS and installed fresh Windows 10 again. The same story. But since I have come across some topics where people said that they have got perfectly fine speeds in Safe Mode but half 4k in Normal Mode, I tried myself and it seems that in Safe Mode, the drive has got full speed: Crystal Disk Mark in Windows Safe Mode: Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 1981.152 MB/s Sequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 1910.724 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 8,T= 8) : 973.402 MB/s [ 237647.0 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 8,T= 8) : 953.787 MB/s [ 232858.2 IO
  12. Hi, I just installed Intel 660p 2TB in Dell 7490 and 4k score is way below what I have seen in all reviews: https://imgur.com/a/XcUzbvg https://imgur.com/a/oivNLyY https://imgur.com/a/XhN1cqp According to reviews, I should get easly 50-60MB/s / 130-140MB/s - http://www.thessdreview.com/featured/intel-ssd-660p-m-2-nvme-ssd-review-1tb/3/ Laptop is set in BIOS at Raid On (instead of AHCI), the system is fresh, the drive is empty. I do tests on battery but I set Power Management to the highest setting, so I doubt that it is th