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    tech, retro tech, composition, sound design, graphic design, video games, animation, weeaboo trash, brony trash
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  1. I've had plenty of tech troubles in my time but hell hath no fury like needing to hard reset an electric shower

  2. New work iPad doesn't connect to Wifi > I don't know why > IT guy doesn't know why > central IT guys don't know why > central IT guys discover correct SSID at our location doesn't exist > central IT guys discover our whole network infrastructure is out of date > central IT guys dispatch engineers to update our entire network


    tl;dr The entire workplace is getting gigabit ethernet because my iPad didn't work 

  3. So everything except my mac connects to my new dual band wifi, interesting. Connected by ethernet right now so not a huge issue other than having a cable across the floor. Perhaps this 2012 mac is too old to connect to 5Ghz? All other devices on 2.4Ghz seem fine

  4. There's a clip of you beating him in Hardware Canuck's video from about 4:13 mins in, I was the dude in the Aorus shirt on the right!
  5. doesn't show in windows either, so I'm guessing it's straight up dead Jim
  6. Running Mojave. Seagate 1TB external HDD, was working fine till recently and new. I've done all the obvious stuff, but the drive doesn't show anymore. The lights on and I can hear the mechanism so I have no reason to suspect a physical fault. However, the drive doesn't show on desktop or in finder, nor does it show up in disk utility or in terminal via diskutil list... all online solutions show how to mount the drive in utility, which I would do, if it were listed.....
  7. Streaming banter and gamez https://www.twitch.tv/thejub

  8. 23.5 hours, 1 train, 3 planes, and 3 buses from Scotland to Vancouver and back. Was it worth it for LTX? Yes. Yes it was. I regret nothing

  9. I might not make it to jam cafe, turns out it's a little bit out of the way from where I am. Turns out there are several people going to LTX at the hostel I'm staying in too so we'll probably head over together. Be good to bump into uk folks there though
  10. Tall balding british guy, that's me wandering around Samesun I'm not hard to spot haha
  11. Landed and checked in at samesun vancouver, hyped for LTX

  12. Look for a young short hair guy in an LTT hoodie that'll be me