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    I'm a 17 year old student on a Level 3 BTEC Computing Course.
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  1. Yeah, same here - noticed the top two videos were like 2 years+ old.
  2. Thanks, that's actually really helpful! I didn't actually pick up that swapping to an RTX2060 might actually be in my budget - I originally didn't see much reason in going with a R5 2600 over a R5 1600 but actually, I can now see that it would be worthwhile. I'm not great with chipset versions, I thought that the B series was a decent mid-range chipset with X series right at the top of the line - am I right in thinking that? I can, of course, add around a £25-50 contingency to my budget so I may stick with a few of the original parts (like the mechanical hard drive (I have been using exclusive
  3. Hi. So at the moment, I'm saving up for a new build (unfortunately parents are splitting up and I'm going to need a desktop at both houses (desktop > laptop)). In the future, I'd quite like to invest in a VR setup (something cheap like an Oculus or a 1st/2nd Gen Vive) and do some quite intensive 'work' on my computer (read: AAA games). So a decent CPU/GPU combo is ideal at assembly. I would quite like to have a moderate amount of RGB to make my desk slightly more appealing (and make me feel special). I've put the setup through the calculator at https://thebottlenecker.com and ended up with