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  1. I know a few that have amazing support with a few hiccups (that they fixed amazingly) but they no one will have perfect support.
  2. I can get a repair on my phone for free till mid June. I just dont want to because last time it did not work and my service provider helped me out a bit
  3. i sold them a long time ago, but this isnt about the phone as much as the Samsung support
  4. old Samsung devices are great, new ones are garbage. take the note 7 as an example. I loved my galaxy s4 and the galaxy s2
  5. Hi, I think i would let people here know about Samsung support. Keep in mind for the last month and a bit I have been seeing Samsung send out a bunch of galaxy s10 phones to people for free. And If i was Being paid minimum wage for the amount of time I have spent just dealing with Samsung support I would have exceed the buyout of my phone by a few hundreds dollars. So a bit of context, I had a galaxy s8 that I revived in may of 2017 and in February of 2018 I noticed I had burn in on my screen. I followed all the steps to get it repaired. I went to my service provider got my phone "f