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  1. No, but I was under the assumption that it would have lower heat output with the delid and liquid metal. My main concern is 1.4v, I know that causes a lot more heat.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a question for you guys. This is the first time I have overclocked, and I think I am running into an issue. Here are my specs: I7-8700k @ 5ghz 24/7, 1.4v Fractal Design S36 AIO Asus Maximus Hero Wifi Z390 Corsair 4x8gb 3200 2x1tb nvme drives Asus rtx 2080ti 650w corsair PSU I can get 5ghz on all cores but only when I run 1.4v in the bios, but HWMonitor is showing a max of 1.42. I would like to get that down because my temps when gaming are hitting mid 70's. I have already did a delid with conductonaut liquid metal on
  3. Already done and done. The new drivers for Nvidia Control Panel are no longer provided, even on their website. Even their tech support will give no other answers than get it from microsoft store. Could someone upload their nvidia control panel folder?
  4. No it is not. I did a work around by changing the actual monitor settings Right Click>Display Settings>Advanced Display Settings>Display Adapter Properties for Display 1>List All Modes>3440 by 1440, True Color (32 bit), 120 Hertz Shame Nvidia control panel doesn't even want a link on their web page for their own software. This works for my refresh rate, just wish I had more customizable options for my 2080ti and monitor considering the money I paid.
  5. Does anyone know where to get the direct link for Nvidia Control Panel??? It is now on the microsoft store, and no matter how I go about it, it will now download or install. I even "pay" for it and check out. Looked up previous drivers, uninstalled the ones I have and installed but no avail. I have done everything on here ( nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/291399/cant-download-nvidia-control-panel-need-serious-he/ ) and still NOTHING! I hate that I got a 2080Ti and a new 24" curved and cannot get it to 120hz! Anyone else have
  6. Hey guys, is there an app for android phones that uses bluetooth and can help monitor my PC? Looking for something like HWMonitor but on the phone... I have found Remote System Monitor, but it goes through wireless and I don't want to hook it up that way.
  7. Ok, followed this Youtube video: Got it set up how he says, and the boost clock is at 4.8 Currently CPUID has the cores running at 4796-4802MHz with no drop. Hopefully with a bit of small fft on prime95 I can have it somewhat steady. I am hoping to get about 4.9 steady, 5.0 would be perfect.
  8. CPU: I7-8700k MB: Asus Maximus XI Hero Wifi Z390 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB DDR4 3200 Cooler: Fractal Design AIO 360mm with 3 fans SSD: M.2 WD Blue 1TB PSU: EVGA SUPERnova 650G3 I am using this guide to OC: https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/cpu-overclocking-guide-and-tutorial-for-beginners.3347428/ Now, I am in my BIOS and in the guide I am at " CPU overclock multiplier settings ". Now my processor is 3.7, with 4.7 turbo. I change the BIOS to Sync All Cores, with the value of 47. However, it still acts the same... I will tu
  9. May sound ghetto-rigged, but the top of my desk has 3.5mm neoprene on it. It is from wet suits that are used for scuba diving. Just used adhesive spray on the desk top, and layed it down with a little stretch on top. Has nice give to it, 10x better than no mousepad. I like it because I did not want to have any issues of running out of room on the pad. Got it off ebay, something like 1yd x 2yd 3.5mm material for about $30 shipped. You can get them in a variety of colors, mine is in RealTree camo for the added redneck effect. Just search for "neoprene fabric". Bonus, you
  10. Has anyone tried to sync 2 different makers RGB together? I don't mean both to be a single color, but the color change. I am not a big fan of having RGB's everywhere, but I really like the ASUS Aura RGB on my Maximus XI Hero Wifi motherboard. It is pretty much the only RGB that I want, and it is behind tinted glass so it isn't super bright. Now, I have a GIGABYTE GTX 1660 Ti, and it is mounted traditionally, instead of in the vertical position. Mounting vertical makes me lose the bottom RGB section of the motherboard. However, traditional mount shows the GIGABYTE logo,
  11. I would be on XP like socks on a rooster, but I made the move to win7 honestly for driver support. Win10 give me the same support but at the cost of someone looking over my shoulder. I would love to stick with win7, if I cannot get it on this motherboard or something equivalent then I will go linux.
  12. Hey guys, just building a medium tier gaming rig and stumbled upon this... I bought: Asus Maximus XI Hero w/ Wifi motherboard, z390. I7-8700k 360mm fractal design AIO Corsair vengence 3200 16gb DDR4 WD Blue 1tb SSD nvm.e When I bought it I was told it would run windows 10 and windows legacy OS, which would include windows 7. Now everywhere I look they only list windows 10... Doing research there was a lot of people requesting ASUS on how to install windows legacy (win7) and they said it would not. I tried installing it and the main reason it wil