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    boggen got a reaction from KhakiHat in Unmanaged vs. managed network switches?   
    unmanaged switch = cheap item, that you plug your cat5/6 cables into, instead of hitting remote for your TV or stereo receiver for inputs selections, the switch does it auto for all the wires you have plugged in.  most wifi/wireless routers have 4 ports plus 1 for up link. you are getting a router without firewalls, packet forwarding, printer server, hard drive server via usb, etc...   vs a "un managed switch" which is more like a wireless router on a chopping block with no features whatsoever. 
    a managed switch, is general a wireless router, but normally has a bunch more wired ports, but has the extra functions and more of a router generally but not always, and settings they do offer, more likely will only see in large businesses,  schools, larger buildings, with multiple businesses throughout the building, etc... 
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    boggen reacted to lee32uk in Case suggestions for EATX mobo   
    Phanteks Eclipse P600S. Has removable front/top panels if you want more airflow. Takes E-ATX up to 280mm wide.
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    boggen got a reaction from My dude in I guess my ram is maybe dead   
    random thoughts.
    unplug everything, replug it all back in.  disconnect, hard drives, cdroms, dvds, blue ray drives, and see if loads to asking for a boot device, reboot and see if you can get into bios and is normal. hard drives when they start going bad and errors happen, have had this issue a few times.  run "mem tester"   app to check out ram.  takes a long time general, but goes through your ram.  most motherboards have a "beep code",  you need a internal speaker/buzzer,  newegg or amazon around 3 to 7 bucks. if you do not have internal speaker/buzzer.  perhaps hardware issue, also helps when disconnecting / removing other things. to see if you are getting correct error code of what is removed, and you can boot into bios possibly. if you have usb drive/thumb drive,  download a repair setup to drive and boot from it and see what happens. if not hardware but hard drive, or windows issue.   
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    boggen reacted to Cyracus in USB to Ethernet Adapter   
    As long as your laptop has a usb 3 port to plug it into you'll see an improvement, if your laptop only has usb 2 ports then a usb 3 adapter will give you identical results to the usb 2 one
  5. Informative
    boggen reacted to Bramimond in Is something like this for noise reduction of HDDs still sold somewhere?   
    None of those have the square angle mounting points, though. Just putting rubber inbetween isn't enough. That will just absorb some of the vibration, not completely decouple the whole drive.
    With the stuff pictured above, you can take the drive mounted inside the case inside your hand and try to move it in either direction and whatever power you have won't even move the case (if the case is heavy enough). It's completely decoupled. You can move the drive a few mm/cm, but that's it. The effect is that the HDD basically gets as silent as an SSD would be.
    EDIT: Found it https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00PNRT6YG/
    A little expensive, but oh well. At least it works.
  6. Agree
    boggen reacted to Bartholomew in What happens if the graphics card is not screwed with the case holes?   
    Thing is, temps in case will go up and down causing all things to expand and contract. Worst case: you forget about it and the wriggles in a bad way out of the slot (hyoothetically speaking).
    Best bet would be to have a more experienced builder try to fixate it - chances are it fits just fine (i always need to "jiggle and wiggle plus exact amounts of fiddle" to get cards fixed. Youd exctually be surprised how much wiggleroom is there but if your insecure or inexperienced it better to have someone do it who knows what "bit of force/wiggle" is normal.
    If your help also has trouble it might help to losen the mobo screws a bit, likely allowing just enough wiggle there to make the slots align more with the cases slot openings (dont forget to tighten the mobo again when done).
    Needless to say, disconnect mains before attemoting anything as a stray screw bouncing or falling may end up anywhere.
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    boggen got a reaction from CodeNova in dome hat spakers   
    instead of headphones. something just lean back into.  and pull/push up and down to were ever head height is. 
    anything like it out there?

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    boggen reacted to kirashi in HDD Dead after drop, No click noises.   
    Guaranteed the head assembly came in contact with the spinning platters, potentially rendering the drive destroyed. At this point, anything you try has a large potential to make the situation worse, so either restore from backup or start saving up some money and send it to https://www.werecoverdata.com/
    Also, you might not want to Clean the disk using Diskpart if you value the data... just saying.
  9. Informative
    boggen reacted to SupaKomputa in How to make sure nothing else downloads to my ssd   
    Use something like Treesize, it will help you analize witch folders are using space.
    But first i recommend you to use Disk Cleanup and make sure you click "clean system files" and delete the Temporary Files or windows install files.
  10. Agree
    boggen got a reaction from TechyBen in May have killed 2 hard drives....   
    i do not recommend trying to start a computer with a hard drive that has issues. it will take forever for the computer to start up.
    instead get a SATA to USB cable.  newegg, amazon, etc.. generally has them for say 5 to 10 bucks. 
    or you can get an external hard drive case, which ends up even more. 
    once you can plug drive in via usb cable, startup computer, and then plug drive in via usb cable.
    windows, linux, etc... may never actually recognize the drive. the recovery software is what should recognize the drive if drive is not completely shot. 
    a lot of the hard drive recovery software always for trail running, you get to see your data if it can obtain it. but you can only copy over say only a couple files to let you know it can do it. then you need to buy the recovery software to access rest of the files and move them to a new hard drive. 
    i have had different luck with different software.  some files i loose all the names to the actual files themselves, but if i opened them up in correct program i was able to recover most of the data. others such as pictures and videos the ended up garbaled up in different spots,  other parts of drive i was able to get intact while others complete loss. 
    WARNING. make sure hard drive has plenty of air flow on it to keep it cool, it can take hours for things to happen just for recovery software to bring up a possible list of files, and in process the drive can further over heat and cause more damage as the program tries to get your stuff. 
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    boggen got a reaction from Maragas in Get the SSD now or wait?   
    SSD for operating system, and more used applications. there is a noticeable increase have operating system and most used apps on SSD. response times are so much quicker. i doubut i could go back to old HDD for main drive. 
    videos, games, pictures, music, and everything else on HDD. 
    a 120GB to 250GB SDD, then toss in say 4T HDD and yums. 
    though now i have so much data had to go SSD for main OS, and then push applications and everything else onto a HDD raid setup.