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  1. I have had an ad on facebook marketplace to get rid of some VERY old hardware. I posted for sale an Intel Core i7 860 quad core chip on an OEM H57 chipset board with 8GB of DDR3 memory. Posted it for like 50 bucks as it meant nothing to me, it was sitting in a box for so long taking up space. It never really had many hits until tonight where my phone has been going off the hook with people messaging me desperately wanting this board and chip. Am I missing something here? Did the market value for decade old hardware just boom and I didn't even know about it?
  2. I had ended up getting a different webcam and tested out a friends C920 and his works fine on every computer where mine had issues. I suspect its just an internal fault in the camera. I have a C270, works. Avermedia 1080p camera, works. I now use my Rebel T5i with a fixed lens and EOS webcam utility drivers, works fantastic.
  3. If anyone is following this thread and is in Canada, feel free to share your thoughts on Bill C-21 here.
  4. I figured that. However I do try to make sure bios and chipset is up to date somewhat frequently. This version specifically is a beta so I'm curious if it brings any kind of performance to the table
  5. Hey guys. Noticed on the support page of my motherboard (Asus ROG X470-F) that there is a new BIOS firmware version, specified as a Beta: ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING BIOS 5830 Update AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI Curious if anyone has updated to it on their X470 platform, whats good, whats bad, is it worth it type of deal. PC runs great as is, so I dont want to do it if it isnt necessary.
  6. I know dude! At least if I have an issue with the car someone here can help
  7. Hey yall! New to the thread. Got this one back in September! 2015 Ford Focus ST3 2.0L Ecoboost I4 252bhp 62,000KM on the odometer at time of purchase 6 speed manual transaxle Recaro performance leather seats SYNC My Ford Touch with Sony 10 speaker/subwoofer Yellow tinted fog lights Turbosmart Dual-port wastgate Wanted this car for many years now, and I finally got one!
  8. Some context would be very helpful so that someone here can provide you with the best feedback Things like what you are using the system for, what resolution your display will be, target fps (if gaming), etc. would really help!
  9. If you can find an RX580 8GB card (My local store still sells the MSI Armor OC RX580 8GB specifically), I would take it versus a used one, considering that it would be close if not equal to the price of the used one you've looked at, and would have warranty on it. The used market is really dependant on where you live, so Im speaking as a Canadian user, where I have seen used GPU's on my local classifieds for anywhere between 200 and 300+ USD for the 2060 and 2060S, and the 2070/2070S respectively.
  10. I am aware of there being both 4GB and 8GB versions of an RX570, but specifically the RX580 I priced out at $197USD is the 8GB version. My local vendor no longer carries the 570, therefore I did not include an option for a new one.
  11. An RX580 brand new at my local Memory Express (Canada) is about $259.99 ($195USD roughly), So if an RX580 Is what you want to go with, I would recommend getting a brand new one so that you have some warranty on it. On the other side of the table, meaning the used market, there are GTX1070's, RTX2060's and RTX2060 Supers (Maybe even a 2070) all ranging between $200USD and $300USD that you could get your hands on. All the GPU's listed above with the exception of the 1070 will take a 6pin or 8 pin. The 1070 I think might take either an 8 or more pin connector iirc, but I
  12. According to the website of my local PC parts vendor (Memory Express in Canada), I can find a brand new RX580 or an RX5500XT for about $197USD, The cheapest 1650 is $159USD, a 1650S is $178USD. The RX580 has 8GB of VRAM versus everything else only having 4GB, so in my honest opinion I would probably get an RX580 not an RX570, as you will get more bang for your buck. That is of course unless you're on a really tight budget in which case I would take a 1650S. *Edit* I would not go with a 1050Ti, as you can get more with your money by going with the above products.
  13. Update*** system did not like the underclock. BSOD stop code: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE amdkmdag.sys
  14. Throwing a very slight underclock on the card. If yall have any other suggestions please feel free to drop a line
  15. So my friend just built a new system: R5 3600 B550 Aorus Elite 5700XT MSI Mech OC RM650 Corsair PSU 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200C16 (xmp on) The only game she has that puts an actual strain on the system is Overwatch. During a game, it will crash with the message, "Your rendering device has been lost! Overwatch is now closing" Here is what I have done: Replace drivers (using DDU) from the most recent optional, to the most recent WQHL, and the previous WQHL and some optional drivers within those timelines Turned
  16. It was one of those single rad 120mm rads, corsair h60 i believe. tubes on the bottom but she left the damn thing on all the time for 2 years, I think it was only ever powered down when it needed a new hard drive or to clean it
  17. I put an AiO in my gf's rig about 2 years ago and it literally JUST died on us a couple days ago. They look really nice and they perform really well, dont get me wrong. But when it comes to the overall lifespan of the product, the AiO is going to die first in 90% of cases. You cant clean out the system, so mildew and gunk will eventually build up, pump could die or get clogged, so much can go wrong in an AiO versus a heatsink and a fan. I will add that she is the evil type of person who leaves her computer on at all times, (I know, I know....), So I would have to assume that in the
  18. You can buy those clear plexi scope protectors though, I have had the same RDS going on 3 years now thanks to one of those. Bought a sheet of 1/4" thick acrylic, dremelled out some spares and literally have a 10+ extras in my bag at all times.
  19. Welp, they actually mailed me a modem an a decent amount of time, but suprisingly it was not the issue. As soon as we plugged the new modem in we called Shaw and had them walk us through the initialization only for the problem to persist. They then booked us an appointment for a technician to come to the building, and on the day before the tech was to arrive, just out of nowhere our internet was back to the proper speeds. I am not sure as to what had happened for it to cause a week of troubles, but it magically works without anything done on our end
  20. R-Hop all the way. I wont go back to a regular bucking ever. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0733LBFB1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ^^^ strongly recommend this scope, just keep in mind the mount is sold separately but its a fantastic scope for the price. Red dots, I just found any ol $30 dollar special for my Krytac, has 4 different reticles, does the trick. MAXX hop units are the bomb diggity, strongly recommend one of those to hold your bucking and barrel together. Evike sells them.
  21. Its only 3 months old, and the best they can do is mail it to me, because its apparently too dangerous to go to a retail store and replace it due to covid
  22. If I ping my IPv4 address 30 times, no loss. If I ping a webpage like google for example, 23% loss (7 packets lost out of 30)
  23. Hello everyone. I have the Shaw 600 Internet package (Western Canada), and I have recently noticed some incredibly slow download speeds, to the point where even watching a 5 minute video requires about a dozen pauses to buffer. It should (in theory) be 600mbps downstream. And under any normal circumstance that is what I get, and its wonderful. However over the last couple of days It has been anywhere between 1% and 10% of the 600 down. I am getting kicked from games, cant watch videos, etc. I have contacted the technical support department of Shaw, my ISP, and they cant really tell