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  1. thanks yeah am gonna go for the corsair one has a heatsink too and a bit cheaper
  2. Hi Guys, I was wondering whats better for m.2. I do have a Gen 4 m.2 slot but dont know much about corsair m.2 are they any good? i know samsung are the ones to go for but it is gen 3. Also there at the same price. any advice would be great thanks.
  3. I gave it a go and seems to be holding up well. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, trying to overclock my Ram but coming across a problem when running Thaiphoon. It gives me that Manufacturer Hynix but when i want to know the die type this is what its giving me H5AN8G8N??R-TFC any ideas on how i can find out the right die
  5. Hi Guys, I finally got around to building my new system but unfortunately it won't boot on me. Everything will power up but nothing will post lights are shown at the start are VGA, CPU or both and even sometimes disappear I have changed 3 GPU's 2 Power Supplies Used one Ram stick in the 2nd channel Reset The Bios Nothing is happening am thinking its either the Motherboard or CPU. Thinking about getting another Motherboard tomorrow but don't want to regret it if that's not the problem..any recommendations? System B550 MSI Mor
  6. Awesome! Thanks for compiling this list up I will consider it and also mentioning the case cooling as I have heard the Zotac 3080 will need significant cooling
  7. Cheers its actually really usefully info especially when it come to picking the ram size. 'Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade'
  8. yeah it coming by mail soon enough i dont really mind the look tbh. thanks for the recommendation
  9. Hi guys, am looking for the best CPU Air Cooler I can get for my bulid. I have a Fractal Meshify c mid tower, MSI B550 MORTAR (micro atx board) Zotac 3080 OC RAM (still deciding) Any recommendation on which air cooler would be best and be able to fit of course.
  10. Thanks for the info guys from what i gathered am just gonna send it back without saying anything and hope they don't notice
  11. Hi Guys I got a new MSI motherboard and redeem the new AC game with it. I just found a better version of the motherboard and cheaper on a good black friday deal. i plan on returning the motherboard as i havent used it due to waiting on a 5800x. The site allows returns but will they refuse because of the promotion?