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    i9 9900K
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    GSKILL Trident Z RGB DDR4 3200
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    EVGA FTW3 Ultra RTX 3080
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    Cooler Master - Master Case 5
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    Samsung 500GB 970 NVME, 860's 500GB and 1TB
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    Corsair AXI 1600 Titanium
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    Noctua NH D15
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    Steel Series APEX PRO
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    Logitech Gaming Pro
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    Win 10 pro
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    IPHONE 11

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  1. NO, you will need at least a 750W PSU and that is just for the 2X 8 Pin cards. For the 3X 8 Pins cards at least an 850W PSU is needed.
  2. It balances the power draw out better for those of us who do OC. The MB will indeed use BOTH EPS connections if they are connected. So if one doesn't connect BOTH and has stability issues then they will need to plug them Both in. If one has the PSU with the connections there is no reason NOT to plug both of them in.
  3. Headroom percentage. Say your system can use 900W of power on a 1000W PSU, that's 90%. On a 1200W PSU that would be 75%.
  4. It's about overhead really, ROOM. Do you really want to be using 90% or so of the PSUs wattage? MOST as in almost all of those here don't have these cards and are NOT running a system like yours or mine for that matter. So they have no clue what kind of power draw they can really pull down. Been running mine since OCT so I have had it awhile now.
  5. That's likely plenty enough and it's a good PSU. You could bump it up to a 1200W for that setup. And a few other options would be: Corsair HX or HXI 1000W or 1200W Those cards can pull a lot of power and if you are over clocking then the total power draw can get quite high from the PSU to the system (NOT FROM THE WALL). I have seen mine pull about 800W power draw. 9900K and 3080 FTW3 Ultra.
  6. Except that PCs are at idle or low power draw most of the time so that would be more than just 2% or 3% difference. That's were the Titanium PSUs really come in, there is a rather large difference.
  7. The 2 best ones from what I have seen are, Corsair AX1600i EVGA T2 1600
  8. Yes, replace the PSU with a 750W.
  9. Corsair HX or HXI 1000. EVGA T2 1000W.
  10. I know what you mean. I had the same as you did in middle school too.