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  1. smk12

    2 routers 1 ISP

    I'm confused on the terminology here. Is there a difference between cascading, bridging and IP passthrough? Is this where I should be setting it up?
  2. smk12

    2 routers 1 ISP

    Awesome. Thank you so much!
  3. smk12

    2 routers 1 ISP

    So I will be able to mess with pretty much anything I want without conflicts?
  4. smk12

    2 routers 1 ISP

    I have at&t. The router model is 2Wire 5268AC.
  5. smk12

    2 routers 1 ISP

    One router would use pfsense. The other is the isp router. If I use cascading what will carry over from the isp router? DHCP? or can I use my own DHCP server?
  6. Hello. I want to learn more about networking. I want to have a separate network to learn on so I don't disrupt my family. This was what I was thinking about although I'm not sure if it will work. I have fiber from my ISP which comes through a media converter and into the router. What I want to do is have two routers that work independently. So if I have two NAT routers that are connected to a switch will they still route traffic properly? And if this works, each router would need a separate IP address correct? Would I need to contact my ISP about getting a second IP address or should i
  7. Hello, I am looking for a laptop for under $800 that I can program effectively on for college. I haven't done a significant amount of programming so I don't know how demanding this can be. I'm not planning to develop anything using xcode so I don't want a macbook. I am fine with windows or linux. I also definitely want an ssd. I am a fan of the XPS 13 lineup but they are expensive. I was looking at an XPS13 with an i3-8145U and 4GB of ram discounted for $650 on dell's website. I don't know if the ram will be enough though. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for your time.