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  1. i upgraded from an i5-4690k, i figured the r5 2600 would be worlds smoother in most aspects. should i do a windows wipe and try again? Or should i buy a 1070?
  2. I dont have a second monitor to watch it with but heres a screenshot of me tabbing out really quick. The video encode on the 970 was on 17% when i tabbed out.
  3. lmao new pc time is the last idea i have
  4. here is the settings you recommended
  5. https://gyazo.com/9b5a80ee8d21e1538571ff93aca933f4 Here's h264 with 6000 bitrate, its really grainy and weird looking, and even though im recording at 60fps it looks like 40ish, i really dont know what the problem is or why this is happening. My friend has the exact same computer as me and i copied his settings and his looked worlds better than mine.
  6. I used to record at 50k and it worked perfectly fine, ive tried every bitrate all the way down to 30k and it still stutters, and if i lower it any more than that then you start to lose a lot of quality.
  7. I'm having trouble recording with ANY recording software. OBS will hardly work at all, Streamlabs OBS will work but no matter what my output settings are i always end up with gameplay that is in literally 5 fps, and with shadowplay it looks like about 40 fps although i get well over 100 most of the time and i record at 60. I'd prefer OBS (either skew) since i can downmix my microphone to mono, which saves the hassle of having to open audacity and sync clips. I have a pretty decent computer, and this hasn't been a problem until recently. I have provided some short video clips and a screenshot