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  1. it's an asus zenith xtreme . it says it supports xfire , with a big logo of xfire . i 've tried with 2 cards instead of 3 . 3 seems to be better . like when i stream youtube the xfire seems to start . i can get xfire in older games too . but i know about the game support , but in the bios the lanes are all pci e 3 x16 . in windows it reports lower lane speeds , is it because my cpu is a 1900 and not a 1950 or higher ?! also consider my question on the extension board also my motherbaords' LEDs are always yellow no matter what . they only get white or green for a short
  2. my other question is my motherbaord came with an extention board that is suppose to work with a molex connection ,i even connected the molex to the psu . it is supposed to provide with extra fan headers but my fans are not working , i can post pictures of my fans too
  3. i got a 1900x on an x399 motherboard . my question is the motherboard LED's are always yellow and my crossfire setup i purchased last week doesn't seem to be working this is my crossfire