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  1. I made a PC for a friend as a birthday present yesterday but it went crashing today all the time. Monitor showing weird colours and pc restarting the whole time. Also windows going to their own troubleshoot options (the one blue screen with options and low resolution). We used his old GPU, hard drives and some sata cables from his old pc because i couldnt buy a new GPU right now but he would have the option to buy a better one later. Specs: Aorus elite b550 Ryzen 5 3500 nvme ssd 500gb kingstone A2000(new), 125 gb ssd (old), 500 gb and 1tb hdd. Ram: Corsair DDR4
  2. I think he ment a 2 in 1 laptop/tablet kinda thing
  3. Yeah, actually it is my friends pc so i brought my own gskill trident z rgb 2666mhz ddr4 but the same result. Now my friend is coming with this one: the ballistix
  4. Yeah ive already tried everything you said about the ram slots and sticks and also the non essential component. I dont know what post codes are.
  5. Yeah that's what im trying to do right now, because the mobo is quite large incomparison to the case, and also saw posts about the same thing
  6. Yeah ive tried different slots and also it was plugged in previously, I was disconnecting the cables but just wanted the show the orange light.