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  1. Solved! Key Tweak fixed the issue in less than the time it took to download... Thanks to a user on cnet BEST ANSWER All that. By R. Proffitt Forum Moderator Oct 23, 2020 4:11PM PDT I may miss a detail due to the length. If this was mine I'd test it in SAFE MODE, an external USB keyboard and consider using ideas at https://superuser.com/questions/957552/how-to-delete-a-keyboard-layout-in-windows-10 to delete possibly bad key mapping. or look at SHARPKEYS to fix that key. and that... By 13de
  2. The thing that really intrigues me is how the keys stopped working , then reverted back to normal. At first i went chasing the the keyboard cable, even cleaning the end with an eraser...
  3. Yes yes i understand your pesimissm, but i wont just bend over and take it. You seem to be in a similar situation which kinda makes you sound a bit hypocritacal with your broken parts... Wouldnt it be nice if you could fix all those problems rather than just dealiing with them. Im genuinely curious to find the issue now as I have spent all this time tinkering with it.
  4. So the device in question is a Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB. I7 with the NVidia 940mx, 16gb ram and 256 ssd. 15 inch touch screen convertible. Here is a link to the laptop however min is the 16g ram variant. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/yoga/700-series/Lenovo-YOGA-710-15IKB/p/88YG7000772 Before all this the first thing to go was my webcam. No incident, just one day stopped working. But it didn’t bother me much as I rarely used it. And next was blown speakers… So around two years ago I spilled a very small amount of tea on the bottom middle of the keyboard. It was immediately powere