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  1. I've posted this under the server subgroup because I wasn't 100% sure where to put it. It's about my plex server, ergo the thinking behind putting it under server. LOL Anyway. I have a bit of a daft issue but its one of those things where you just want to bang your head off of the nearest wall. It may very well be an interesting topic for LTT for doing a video on, I just don't know. Buuuut I am hoping that the tech savy LTT forum members will be able to solve this. I have plex setup on a pretty basic system in the hall. At the moment movies are stored on one drive, my T
  2. Starting with that, but I am looking to obviously get more heavily involved in editing etc, so want something that will be able to do a fair bit more as I learn more.
  3. Any recommendations on a motherboard for the 3700X
  4. Talking about linus techtips. Get your merch at lttstore.com!
  5. Im heavily involved in politics and intend on starting a channel giving simple explainations of complex political stuff with commentary. Kinda like linus tech tips meets modern politics. LOL
  6. 'Just getting started. Was thinking Davinci Resolve
  7. I'm interested to see what your own personal choice of a video editing PC would be (spec wise) if you were given $2000 to build a tower. What would you choose hardware wise within that budget. (Yes I intend to steal your ideas - LOL)
  8. I don't have a problem with paying for one, just that it not be too expensive.
  9. I do most of my work as a volunteer so as close to zero as possible is what I will say.
  10. Thanks for the response. Simply put i'd like to have some form of software or app which reads incoming email, outgoing emails and files them under a profile by individual or company. I deal with a lot of disputes for people with organisations like the department for work and pensions in the UK (UK Social Security System) so it would be nice to have say all the emails I have sent and recieved from the DWP in one place where I could also upload/attach letters I have written in word and other notations about the DWP. So rather than having to setup rules for every single organisation and person to
  11. I am looking for a freeware home software or programme (I do have a server I use for email in the house so some form of browser-based centrally located solution would be cool) which will monitor my outgoing and incoming email and automatically sort them into folders or portfolios for the relevant contacts and also give me a place to attach letters written in word that I send by snail mail. A bit like a company would use for dealing with its customers for tech support. I.e. a profile for each person and a section with emails and responses to add notations and also upload files so th
  12. Dear Linus, You once said in your videos that you sometimes have a problem deciding on scripts/ideas for your videos I actually have one that might be of interest to you. It would certainly be of interest to me. I literally have thousands of emails and I also have a need to write snail mail to many of the different organisations, companies etc for myself and for my mother who is disabled. Unfortunately sorting everything is a complete and utter pain in the rear end. Firstly, have you considered actually doing a "ask Linus and co" submission service where your viewers c
  13. Also can I just say that the test you guys did with the distance, Linus is aware that if he left it on the drum next to the workstation, it still does the same thing as uncoiling it right? It's still 100m. PMSL
  14. Could each of the outputs on this be mapped to a different VM on unraid?
  15. Just saw your video on the Advoli TA6 Performance from Advoli. Which begs the question. Could each of the outputs on that card perhaps be assigned to different VM's running on unraid et al? ?