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  1. Yeah i have 2 27in monitors now i think 27 is good place for me now but 32in is not that bad
  2. I have an AMD 3700x with gigabyte aorus x570 and asus strix 1070 want to upgrade to the 3070 or 3080 and 16gb of ram as for a buget around 400 anything that is better then my current 60hz
  3. I want to get me a new gaming monitor any recommendations i play like to play Call of duty and every now and then i play games like batman arkham city and or games like the Tomb raider sometime i play fighting games like king of fights or street fighter
  4. Im look for a laptop for work all i would be doing on it is emails,wed looking around the $500 price range
  5. I need a good laptop for work it be mostly used for emails,internet,maybe skype calls
  6. Yeah thank i was think i did overclock i would water cool the pc but im do that later on
  7. Thanks i think I'm just go with that gigabyte one i don't think I'm overclock till later on when i learn how too
  8. Thanks I'm have to order the parts and just get build it in my old case thats not that bad of a price
  9. I was going to do something like that but i want to wait till the 3 gen came out and idk im kinda want to go 3 but 2 gen is just as good too
  10. I want to stay in the 1000 range but becueas i have a pc not that just too old i was going to use that case and maybe the asus 1080 that it has and intel pc with 8GB of DDR3 AND intel i5 with a asrock 77pro motherboard
  11. I went back and look they are x470 bords
  12. The ones i was looking at do jot support bios flash back
  13. I did want to go with an asrock or msi mobo
  14. I want to know if i buy a x470 motherboard would it work out of the box for 3 gen ryzen cpu. Also any mid range x470 motherboards Recommendations all want to do is to use it to stream from my Nintendo switch to youtube and twitch and stream pc game as well all i would be play would be FPS and fighting games i already have an elgato capture card for the switch
  15. I would be play games like fps and puzzles games and similar to splinter cell game if that help
  16. Thanks ill keep this in mine when i pick my parts but if i did go 9700k or 9900k what motherboard would you recommend
  17. Im not sure what ill put in it but i do know i want a 1070 or 1080 gpu and maybe a asus or asrock motherboard idk yet
  18. I was going to with a 1080 or a 1070 i have a asus gtx 1080 in my current pc but i may get the same one again
  19. I have google this for like a month and amd looks like the way to go for the cheaper pc build motherboard are cheap it come with a cooler that was the way i was going to go
  20. I would be doing 1080 and maybe higher from time to time also would like to stream to twitch and edit video for youtube