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  1. is evga good? how about evga 550w gold or bronze? should i buy new or used? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/evga-supernova-650-gs-80-gold-650w/1125317680-225-8756?utm_source=sharesheet&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  2. I have noticed that when i turn on power saving mode my pc performance goes up to 100 to 160 not cobstant but a lot better than before. Now i wonder if smt is up with my psu? its a cheap one.
  3. yeah in your case it should be 200 cnstant at least more like 220. But i think its the harder to get more fps the higher you get. thx for answering on this topic
  4. it seems to me that it has trouble loading the textures etc. if i go onto creative hub, it is really bad first, then goes kinda ok but if i turn its bad again. I have also noticed 3d-drops (task manager gpu), so i turnt down my 3d res in fotnite to see if it gets better. With like 240x140 instead of 1920x1080 it was still the same so this definitely isn't it chief :(
  5. i have 2x4 gb 2400mhz ram but u dont think thats it either Its so wierd a time it was like 160 constant, no drops at all and now i have trouble staying above 60
  6. So i have low fps. I used to have around 160 to 170fps in fortnit constantly and stable. Now i have really low and almost unplayable fps wich go down to 20 or so. I tried a few things: 1. lowering settings 2. youtube video stuff like game dvr 3. reinstalling fortnite 4. setting pc settings optimal 5. completely resetting windows And also i dont understand why my pc doesnt use all my recourses instead of like 30 - 40% and gives me good stable fps. GPU: 1070oc windforce v2 CPU:ryzen 5 1600x MOTHERBOARD: Asrock fatal1ty x370 gaming x
  7. to get back to the ping just once more, theres fortnite pros who Play with 40 ping on a regular Basis and sometimes pros from europe Play on na Servers in f.a. tournaments to get Price Money from 2 Servers, and they have 100ping and still clap some of the na Players.
  8. yeah. But lets talk About fps and usage coherence while gaming
  9. is it normal that when Task Manager and Edge are opnened and Nothing else that my cpu is on 2% as well as gpu 3%? I dont think so
  10. ok, but it Shows 1 basically all the time so thats fine
  11. k and sure, but on my pc in Task Manager it Shows that when fps drop to below 10, at the exact same time and just then my gpu usage Drops even lower to 1 or 2%. My coclusion is, that fps drop Comes in hand with low usage
  12. in fortnite my ping Shows like 1 to 10 and also isnt ping just latency? so it wont affect my fps just the Response time
  13. no, i watched other Videos, and even with graphics up the usage is down. and even on 1080 builds the usage is 70 to 80%. And i have seen other People with that issue. I also have seen that when my fps in fortnite drop, my usage goes down with it in same Moment so it has to do smt with that Holy, if you can solve this usage issue, i am gonna PayPal you 5$
  14. I think it has more to do with the fact that only 30% of my cpu and gpu are used. it should be around 80 and i watched some Videos on YouTube it doesnt really Impact the game if i have more ram because it only uses 2gb. That might be an issue too, my shit doenst get used and i dont know why pls help and with the ram, i am first Looking to get a 144hz monitor, then eventually but i first Need stable 144fps before ist worth buying a 144hz monitor.