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  1. So here's the deal. I need an external drive for my laptop which has a thunderbolt port. For best speed (which matters for my application) I would like to go with a thunderbolt drive like the samsung x5. Now my desktop does not have a thunderbolt port but rather 3.1 gen 2. Now I don't care about reduced speed when I connect to my desktop but I would like to know if it is going to work at all. Thanks!
  2. And luck it surely was. There is no place in the case to mount above. Thanks for the advice. Im shopping for an air cooler now.
  3. Thank you! The radiator is mounted below the block which is a lucky choice I guess. I'm not in the habit of looking into my pc so it would have a leaked more yet go unnoticed for a much longer time had the radiator been up top.
  4. Hi All, I've been happily running my AIO for about half a year now and this morning the overheating protection switched off my system. Took a couple of tries to start it again it reads 100° on the cpu (and i think the reading maxes out there). I opened it up and found this some green gunk at the bottom of the block. I took the block off but left it connected. When briefly switching on it does whir but it spins up very quickly like it has no resistance from the liquid. Im thinking it leaked out slowly and most liquid evaporated. There are a f