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    WinNut reacted to FloRolf in another semester down!   
    Lmao I think you were like 13 when you joined the forum and everytime I see you name I still imagine some 13y/o and this post now reminds me of how fucking old we have all become. 
    Congrats btw
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    WinNut reacted to Yummychickenblue in another semester down!   
    damn did you just finish
  3. Funny
    WinNut got a reaction from givingtnt in Just because people wont stop PM'ing me about it... MSquared was NOT permitted to cre   
    *massages slick in exchange for free 780s*
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    WinNut reacted to Tech_Dreamer in IM NOT DEAD GUYS but some clown tried to blow himself up in the subway here in NYC ye   
    Glad to hear that you're okay m8 .