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    WinNut got a reaction from xyzain for a blog entry, The culmination of 1 year of study...   
    So as many of you know, tomorrow is my SHSAT exam. This exam is used to determine if I get into one of 8 specialized high schools in the city (though I'm only applying to 2 of them).
    I have studied over a year for this, and this test has brought to me joy, sorrow, pain, anger, angry parental rants, and LOTS AND LOTS of stress. Someday it will be all worth it. If I pass, good for me. If I fail, it will be quite possibly the end of the world as I know it.
    I feel prepared enough to walk into this exam tomorrow. I'm going to be out the door at around 6:15 AM to get to my testing site, I'll be back by 2-3PM and then I'm officially back to the forum. Exam results should be availble in early March, and I'll then discover if I got into one of those two schools.
    EDIT: Sorry dark theme users that this looks horrible.
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    WinNut reacted to antoainb for a blog entry, Why the concept of "Zero fucks given" is false.   
    You hear it a lot, especially in threads related to Apple news and things associated with non-techies, but is it true? Well, you can pretty much exclude someone that posts a reply to a topic saying "I give 0 fucks" from the group "Gives 0 fucks" since that person clearly gave enough fucks to actually post a reply. Then there are the ones that only read the thread but don't post a reply, those aren't included in the group either, they gave enough fucks to spend their time reading the thread. And finally there are the ones that only read the topic's title, those also aren't in the group, since they gave enough fucks to read the title, even if just partially. So who is included in this group? The ignorants, only people that have no idea about something can give zero fucks about it.
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    WinNut reacted to antoainb for a blog entry, Y U LEAVE? Q-Q   
    First it was TheNinjaNextDor, then Askew, then Vitalius, then helping and now terrytek and SAV1OUR. It saddens me to see people leave.
    Their reasons are good, Askew says he has lost some things in life because he was too distracted with LTT, SAV1OUR says he doesn't find the forum as enjoyable anymore without some of the members that left and he also says he needs to focus on school and exams that he has coming up, Vitalius also said that he want's something and stuff that's in the way (such as this forum) needs to go, helping also says he want's to find something better to do with his time and he also states that in his opinion he doesn't find much interesting content anymore and finally terrytek says he needs to do something better with his life. The only one who didn't say anything was TheNinjaNextDor.
    I get it, you have better things to do and the forum is keeping you from doing that. The people that leave will be missed because they made this forum what it is today, a helpful and nice community. When I made my first post here I also posted it on different forums but the reaction to it here was much nicer and made me feel like I was already part of the community for a long time. This is such an amazing community and it pains me to see very good members leave.
    Hopefully it doesn't go straight down-hill from here and we continue to be the best forum around (at least in my opinion we are).
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    WinNut reacted to antoainb for a blog entry, The Pains of Being a Good Student   
    Ok, I'm a good student, I have good grades (>90% normally), behave well, etc. I'm the best student of my class, and that leads some of my classmates/teacher having wrong ideas about me.
    Yes, I'm a good student, but that doesn't mean that I'm freaking Wikipedia, ok? Please don't call me 20 times the day before a test, I'll help you, but when you start calling me 20 times along with other people it get's hard, I also have to study, remember that.
    If I'm a good student it doesn't mean that I only study, I have a life, ok teachers?
    Please understand that sometimes I won't want to talk during class, there is a reason why I get good grades, talking $*** isn't one of them.´~

    And those are only some examples. But that isn't the worst part, the worst part are all of the things that we go through with our parents/teachers and also the prizes some other kids get when they get grades far worse than ours.
    You do not understand why we get sad when I get less than 87%, I'll break it down. If we get 90%+ and then go to 87%, even if it might seem like a small difference it's like we failed a class. The teachers get disappointed, our parents get disappointed, it's like freaking hell. And then you see a kid that got a 70% and get's 5 freaking games (true story).
    While it's true being a good student can be very good it can also be very stressful. Just today I was super stressed because I was getting the results for a Math test and I wasn't so sure what I'd get, I ended up getting the best grade of the class, did I get anything? No, but I don't really care.
    P.S.: Pls no "hi" comments this time, ok?
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    WinNut got a reaction from samtak2008 for a blog entry, Giving my iPad to my dad when I get a new laptop   
    So my dad said that he was getting a new laptop for me, and he also commented that he really liked my iPad.
    Considering that the iPad was a gift and I hate iOS in every imaginable sense, I am considering giving my iPad to my dad when I get the new laptop. All I ever do on it is watch YouTube and browse the LinusTechTips forum, all of which can be easily run on my new laptop. He did mention an i5 processor in said laptop, which is a huge-ass upgrade over my Celeron M. He did not mention what particular laptop, however.
    So do you think it's worth it to give an iPad Air to him when I get a laptop? Please vote in the poll and discuss in the comments.
    P.S. My dad is a techie, if that influences your decision in any way.
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    WinNut reacted to ONOTech for a blog entry, Was I born in the wrong generation?   
    I think I should probably rephrase the title a bit and explain where I'm coming from. I love this generation...TECHNOLOGICALLY. We have so much competition, so much innovation, so many new phones and consumer products available that I don't think I could have survived in the 80s and the 90s when computers were thousands of dollars. I look back at that and sorta laugh to myself and say
    I can build a computer for $250 that would destroy a 90s PC wholeheartedly. I mean seriously, how did you guys survive? And then mobile phones were like bricks?! I shiver everytime..
    But, back to the topic. Like I said, and I don't exaggerate, I really think I was either: A) Born in the wrong generation OR B) Just hate teenagers. Seriously? I could list at least 100 reasons of why my generation is a complete embarrassment, but a las, that would probably break the forums.
    All I'm saying is why have we stooped so low as teenagers? I remember when the word damn was horrible and disgusting to say, and now it's flying around everywhere like no one's business. Oh, and trust me, it's not just the foul language either. It's, like I said earlier, reason after reason, but I'm gonna hit like two or three (depending on if I'm feeling heated or not on the subject matter).
    For one: Do teens know what respect is?
    I will not exaggerate this at all, but it seems like teenagers have no self respect for authority figures. They also take things way too seriously and blow nominal shindig out of proportion. True story: The other day, my friend (let's say his name is Jerrie), and I just got into class after the passing period was over. Since it was the day before the start of Spring Break, our teacher was out early on vacation, which is completely understandable since half the school pretty much was, and we had a substitute. Well, being a sub, she butchered pretty much 60% of the names in the classroom, including mine. Like every other civil human being in the room, we kindly corrected her and made some jokes and good laugh over it. Well, when she got to my friend Jerrie, she pronounced the name Jerr-EYE instead of Jerr-EE. A few seconds later he starts cussing her out and saying she is a female dog for not being able to pronounce a simple name...
    COME ON. Really?
    Well, I let that one slide (and btw, it's not the first time it happened either). A lot of my other friends disrespect their parents, call them names, push them around, it's like they're the authority figure. I could never treat my mother the way some of my friends treat theirs...it's just brutal.
    Like I said, I let it go pretty easily, but tonight something else happened that just made me a bit angry and wonder if I'm really a current gen teen. My spring break just ended and it was pretty boring. I didn't do much other than go to Six Flags and Hitlon Head with some family, other than that, I slept in and watched Netflix. Today, I unfortunately decided to check my instagram. All I saw were half nude girls my age drinking, smoking, partying, (and there was even a blowjob picture).
    I'm sitting here like, DUDE. Are you nuts?! Do people my age (I'm 15) really consider this fun?! I would much rather go to Six Flags than do anything like this...
    So, that was the inspiration for this blogpost. It's sorta scaring me because I'm sounding old fashioned like my father, but he said that this was never the type of thing they did when they were younger. It could be all the culture shock, the bad influence through the music and the media, but I honestly don't understand any of this and why it would be considered cool.
    So, could it be that I was born at the wrong time or because I'm just old fashioned...who knows? After listening to The Love Club by Lorde, I finally understand what she's talking about. Why would anyone try to haze themself to get to this height of gross...

    PS: I know, I know. I'm overgeneralizing a bit, but it's out of frustration. Of course I don't think every single minor acts this way, but a lot of them do...especially in my area.
    QOTD: Is our generation...disgusting? (interpret it any way you want)