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  1. I'm sorry. I'm in a bit of an intense mood, you carry on being you friend you are a good person.
  2. Lived longer and i can see the world for how it is like many, it is not meant to discourage you it is to make sure that you REALLY will get somewhere, if you do not get somewhere all of this is in vein and you end up in a shit load of debt, depression, possibly some mental anguish trying to help yourself out of that hole, when you could make it far simpler and just work hard whilst gathering resources by saving. also economics without maths but what i mentioned before.
  3. No problem, just remember the millions of people who graduated with thousands of debt and no job to go to in recent times.
  4. Ahh American. https://study.com/articles/Requirements_for_a_Licensed_Stock_Broker_Education_and_Career_Info.html Many people get in places. Rules do not apply to all, it's a part of life.
  5. Sorry to be a killer here but this math nonsense has literally no link to that. So if you want to do that, school will not help you there fiend, it is not math that makes people good at the stock markets, it is wisdom, timing and experience. You either have it or you don't. Be around people who do that work not pretenders.
  6. Point taken, i shall now shut my face thank you.
  7. Short cuts to everything means you rely on shortcuts for everything, no critical brain use, reduced to memes, short 1 liners and an inability to comprehend normal direct speech. It is a real thing. Amazon doing this gives people a breath of fresh air, why? someone comes to you door and you actually speak to them if you or Joe Bloggs are not some ignorant shell fish. In a world dominated by mobile phones for faces.. just saying.
  8. Time to move to intel. i5 9600k and some sexy board that don't rob your old folks when you need to lend it, that sounds harsh but was meant as a joke.
  9. Windows 10 with minimum processes so i can make a low end Pentium II run like a Pentium GXXXXXX Extreme edition.
  10. I made the point because it was a mirror of your obscure misunderstanding of the larger image, not a personal violation towards you. No wonder people have much less people skills and ability to read, i am talking about IRL not here in this specific case.
  11. It says to relax because once school is over you are not guaranteed work in anything you wish to go for. It also means that once you are done with school, drop out, save cash and work hard.