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  1. It’s meant to be 2500 usd... not 3200 + international shipping + import tax + who knows what else. I knew what I was “shopping for” had no idea it came with an extra 1k bucks just for my trouble I can afford it, but it’s not worth it. Lol
  2. Yeah so basically to get one I gotta be Elon musk and take a short vacation to the Netherlands
  3. Holy Hulk anal fucking Jesus... whats the shipping on that? I don’t soeak that language lol
  4. I don’t care if it builds little robots that hand me my drink when i’m thirsty no Monitor is worth 3200+ dollars. It’s supposed to be going for 2500
  5. Jesus christ thats over 3200 USD Wtf...
  6. I have searched Amazon, Newegg, B&H... everywhere but I can’t even find pages for them, not so much as a “not available/sold out” it’s like the monitor doesn’t even exist outside of youtube videos and Asus website...
  7. Rather than researching further like I probably should have been I was making this for two hours. ye ik its ass, it was done on a phone app
  8. Well I think the arctis pros will work fine with a g6 dac amp.
  9. A but expensive for what I was getting? What do you mean?
  10. Considering the Sound Blaster X G6 tbh.
  11. Well, i’m set on a wired arctis pro, and I virtually have no budget, what do you recommend for the best quality setup?
  12. So, you’d say for quality sake (which is what im after) I should just go with a normal arctis pro wired and use the x ae-5? I also saw the Sound Blaster G6 dac which i’ve been told is even better than most sound cards. I just dont know what to believe tbh lol.
  13. Skip the gaming headset? I really like the arctis pro.
  14. Really? Why are they not worth it?
  15. Would it be a good idea to connect the sound blaster x ae-5 to an arctis pro with game dac? or would it be pointless? Should I just get a normal arctis pro and use JUST the sound card?
  16. The samsung 970 pro seems to have significantly better read and write speeds, while the 905p optane has way better random speeds... and I hear the 905p has way longer life. But the difference in price is the largest gap here... The 905p is over 1k bucks more expensive but it doesn’t seem to be justified. am I missing something? Or would a 905p just be a waste of money?
  17. I kinda figured that faster ram in smaller quantities would be better, but I was just wondering if having more ram thats slightly slower would have any advantages since there is more. I’m only gonna be gaming editing and streaming.
  18. Well i’m building a gaming/streaming and editing pc with really no budget limit, I was just wondering if having 64gb of 3600mhz ram is better than 32gb of 4000mhz, wasnt sure if the amount of memory balances out or surpasses the reach of the faster ram due to simply having mote of it, not very well versed in the specifications of ram.
  19. Any real advantages to either of these sets over the other?