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  1. Thx I didnt notice that this is M.2 standard Im totally blind but right now its much cheaper to buy wifi card itself istead of adapting this one
  2. Hello, is there is any way to adapt this so it can fit into stadard pcie? This is wifi card from Asus Hero motherboard.
  3. Well I can dismiss that by saying I dont game 24/7 and I used only one card. Sure scalping is other topic its cancer but all I can do or anyone else is just to watch and hope next year things will get better. By that anyone else I mean people who actually care about having good value in those products they buy.
  4. Well I actually have, right now Im in lockdown so I have tons of time. 19gpus lets say they are 500 each that means 9500USD, I dont think not many people walk around with such a money in their pocket but thats If you really were lucky with those prices. It could be much more I have no idea what gpu are those. I should have specified it more, small farms like 5 gpus are not that big issue, Im talking much bigger farms reaching from 20 to 200 and more. This is what I mean with those farms https://interestingengineering.com/why-bitcoin-mining-consumes-more-electricity-than-entire-countries , ther
  5. Than dont fucking read it :))) just leave no one ordered you to read anything :))
  6. Sure they are, to buy all these gpus you really need big capital but that doesnt change my main point of mining consuming tons of power and creating tons of e-waste(after nvidias launch of mining cards). edit: Additional power that wouldnt be normaly consumed
  7. Bruh, some % of gamers is actuall employed person who does something and does not just sit on their ass, thats what I meant.
  8. Well my worry also comes from people actually buying those gpus and scalper prices that just shows manufactures that pricing cards so high is just fine and people are willing to pay for it, Im curious how far will 80 class card price goes in next 4 years.
  9. Well this is just my opinion but I really dont like mining. I think that people who created bitcoin never thought this would happend or maybe they knew it doesnt matter, my problem is that miners doesnt do anything good, their job is to bassicly press "play button" and consume tons of electricity. + This is just my estimate, but lack of people building new pcs is hurting companies like corsair and If my estimates are right we could see it on their q1 2021 financial report, If they are good than I was wrong.
  10. Cmon you dont have to be sarcastic. I know its bussines, "its not personal kid" but Im just dissapointed thats all. AMD has to please investors first.
  11. Maybe If they tried to help gamers more by actually selling it for retail, atleast Zotac had the balls to say they are supporting mining but anyway it doesnt matter because they have to sell it to retailer for much higher price than normal + retailers are scalping too and sometimes atleast from my local experience its much worse than scalpers.
  12. Well, not shit but I would expect better especialy from Sapphire thats all, I feel the same as Linus does. I have 1080 and I dont need better card but I know some people really do struggle because of it. I just wanted to point it out thats all. Only thing that worries me is that my 1080 dies.
  13. So I just browsing local ebay and I saw ad for 380 6700XTs and 50 6900XTs, so I was like "really?", before sending that guy messege with simple "f*k you", I was pretending that Im interested in buying so I get much more info. What I got is that all these gpus from these guys https://nordecon.fi/sapphire/ , they are not classic retailer, they are just supplier for others but that does excuse Sapphire for no selling those gpus to retail shops like Microcenter. This reminds what Linus said on last WAN show (I did put timestamp there), and my guess this is what he meant. So sapphire and others are
  14. What, why ugly? I love classic cars. I did found local ad for that case in worse condition and he wants 130 so I guess If I put it up for 100 It could sell.
  15. Well old Macs look dated but people buy them just because they are old and rare