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  1. I want to buy a laptop, should I get a $2400 16 in macbook pro, Or a ryzen windows laptop along with a iPad pro 4th gen.? The only issue is that I don't really like Windows 10 at all.
  2. Can someone name some of the 16x9 phones that come from 2018, 2019, 2020? I really want one.
  3. Does anyone know how many watts the apple a14 bionic uses? I read that average power usage for the a12 was 3.64 watts, but can't find the amount for the a14.
  4. Do AMD new cards do well with machine learning tasks ? Nvidia's CUDA NN and machine learning features have been incredibly powerful for running Ai chess engines. Their rtx cards are especially good. Does AMD have something similar in their new cards?
  5. zFox

    Amd rx 6800xt

    The 16gb is really nice, Was really nice of AMD to future proof, wish Nvidia had more ram on their 3080
  6. I read that the rx 6800xt cards have really good overclocking potential, up to 2.5ghz Does that mean a fully overclocked 6800xt will be considerably better than nvidia 3080 and very close to nvidia 3090 in performance?
  7. I installed pubG on my hard drive and sometimes in game when I press tab go to my inventory the game freezes and crashes. There are also random times when the game freezes for a few seconds. I got a rtx card a ryzen cpu and 32gb of ram so I am thinking this game is too modern for a hard drive or the hard drive is broken?
  8. What about the Asus crosshair viii hero dark that will have passively cooled VRMs and will be $400
  9. Is this a good mid tower case? I am looking for a beautiful looking case with pretty good airflow. https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Icue-Mid-Tower-Smart-Black/dp/B07W6RCKWF Will it fit most aftermarket rtx 3080 cards?
  10. OK I will do that, Definetely interesting and they have a clean and smooth os.
  11. I have no brand preference. I want 10+ hours of battery life.
  12. I don't want a chromebook, I will be running programs on my laptop, potentially art programs, music software, and other light programs.
  13. I want a power efficient laptop with good battery life and good build quality for $600-1000 Mostly for basic tasks. Not gaming.
  14. Once we reach the smallest possible nm and optimized the ipc as much as we could, pushed GHz to the limit, how do we improve cpu performance besides adding more cores? About GPU, can you add just a very large number of stream processors? Lets say you double the rtx 3080 stream processors, how far will performance scale?