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  1. So I've decided to take the G.Skill Trident 2x16gb 3200Mhz c14 (didn't take the 3600Mhz c15 since the only came in 4x8Gb here)
  2. Thank you all for the reply. I guess i'll go for LPX then. Any comments on G.Skill 3200C14 vs Dominator 3200c16? (taking into account i'm not planning to OC much anytime soon and looking for a stable but fast box performance)
  3. Hi!Just sold my old PC and building a new one from scratch, chose almost all parts but the choice of RAM makes my head spin.My setup is going to be: i9-9900k, Z390 Asus MEG ACE, 1080 Seahawk.I've my eye on the following ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum (4x8gb) 2400Mhz, C10 Corsair Dominator Platinum (2x16gb) 3200Mhz, C16 I'm not planning to OC like crazy, just a bit in few years if the will start lacking. The Majority of Load will be coming from Gaming. Do I need Dominator at all, or should i just take the LPX? I was looking at G.skill Trident, but people on forums say they a