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    Redditch, UK
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    PC gaming, PC building
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    Been building pc's since 1999, avid pc gamer, Home networker windows server 2012R2
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    Night shift supervisor at AFSR


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    Core I7 5960X
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    ROG Rampage V Extreme
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    Corsair 64 GIG
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    Corsair Carbide 400C
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    Samsung 950 pro 512 + Samsung 850 pro 512 & 2 TB WD Red
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    Corsair AX860I
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    ASUS VE276
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    Corsair H110I GTX
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    Gamdias Hermes
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    Gamdias Zeus
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    Sound Blaster Recon 3D
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. RIP Tyler found out last night a site owner on another site I am on passed before Christmas 2020 has taken enough from each one of us so far, surely enough is enough already
  2. As others have said you don't need loads of power i have an I7 4770s in ours with 16 gig of ram running windows server 2012 R2
  3. Also got my eye on this, have had for what seems like forever. 1440p is plenty sharp enough and easier to drive than 4k add HDR to the mix and this is imo the ultimate gaming monitor; if it ever ships....
  4. It's also worth installing WIFI analyzer app on your phone so you can scan for channels least used along with the frequency they are using so as to help you to pick the best/least used one.
  5. Can we please get a 1080 or 720p release of the wan show? , cant watch in 360 on a large screen.
  6. Bluetac

    The WAN Show


    i need this one too
  7. Any issues with the install of this card (driver wise) i recently bought and today sent back the ZXR as i was getting no sound when i installed it using either the current or previous release from the creative website. Despite a fresh windows install on a Asus ROG RAMPAGE V EXTREME/USB3.1 motherboard using a freshly downloaded/installed windows 10 pro via usb. windows would find and install (and give me sound) but creatives drivers would not. I am upgrading from the recon 3d fatality pro (drivers install fine with this one) works perfect just retiring it to another rig
  8. performance monitor files and SysnativeFileCollectionApp can be found here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mjbp1ujp3twh71c/AADaBua362A7jo7OeSBmgX1Na?dl=0 https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Bluetac/saved/7b3rxr current build oldest part is 18months old and that the monitor , the rest is 12 months or less latest addition is the 1080tiOC
  9. So for the last 3 weeks my system has become very unstable, to the point i clean installed it and installed all the latest drivers, firmware and bios to no avail. i am confident that the hardware itself is fine as it is all relatively new and was working fine it was fine up until the pint we came back off our holiday. This rig has been rock solid since i built it, i dont do torrenting or downloading of any sort and run regular scans on a schedule (all clean) We use Eset Endpoint security (i run a windows 2012 r2 server so i bought a bundle a few years ago) the av updates from
  10. been re listening to the album *Coming Home* by the band *Pain*
  11. Where was Linus ? is he on vacation?
  12. In steam i have 119 standard games + 27 VR games U-play not as many just 5 Origin just the 6
  13. Forgot to add, the vive has a camera at the front that when activated gives you a little screen attached to your right hand controller when in the lobby of steam this means you can view the environment around you to reach for things like headphones drinks (beer and gaming goes hand in hand age restriction apply lol) this is a very useful addition, you wont realise just how useful it is until you use it.